A retro way to teach the game!

Hey everyone!

Just as a prelude and to get this out of the way right away, our game is on sale during the Steam Summer Sale! If you were wondering about The Devil Within: Satgat, now is as good of a time to get in! If you are unsure, try out the demo and see how you like it!


Our studio are huge fans of retro games, but one thing we all remember collectively are the game manuals. SNES, Sega, PlayStation, Gameboy – they all had these wonderful manuals that were packed with information. Whether it was useful information or not was a case by case situation, but often times they had wonderful nuggets of information.

This lead me to ponder our studio’s dilemma: while we believe we have a great game on our hands and is only getting better (more on this in a bit), we have to be able to market aspects of our game as well as our office. We have a studio of new faces and vets of the Korean game industry, but we still need to get our name out there.

So while discussing game manuals, I thought “I get why studios don’t make these anymore from a business side, but with social media being as powerful as it is, why not just… make images?” I also thought that if I cannot condense information into this kind of manual, then our game is far too difficult in terms of understanding systems. Time-permitting, I went to work on a retro cover:


As it turned out, I have a good understanding of Photoshop (I am not amazing at it) and our studio really liked it. So we set it loose in the world and got a decent reaction to it. Not amazing, but decent – also our discord peeps liked it and I like them =]

So I went to work on the next one: the contents page. This would be my first little teaser in a series of teasers that are to come. Packed with my sense of humor that is misunderstood as delusional intelligence, I set out to do a few things:

  1. Showcase the concept art/sketches that our team made. They are awesome.
  2. Actually make a list of things that I think would be worthwhile to explain.
  3. Announce roughly when our first major update will be.
  4. Toy around with some ideas for marketing.


This got some of our core fans more excited. But as you can see, there are a variety of sections of the game where I think that if I can explain it on ___ amount of pages without it being a text overload, then I believe we are on the right path. This has been fun and opened up a lot of conversations with our players as well as potential players.

For those of you who are experimenting with marketing and getting people to learn your game, what has worked? What hasn’t?