The Old Eagle Motel – Game Announcement

Welcome To The Old Eagle Motel. We Always Have Time For You.

The Old Eagle Motel at night

The Old Eagle Motel during the night

Release Date: 5th July 2024


Switch Between Characters

She never expected to find him dead.

The Old Eagle Motel is a third-person, narrative driven, paranormal mystery game set upon the Great Plains of an alternate New Mexico, following the story of our dual protagonists: Dakota; a kind-hearted, older Cherokee journalist, and his young but fiercely determined Malaysian goddaughter, Alya.

Unexpectedly, the spiritual and emotional connection between the two allows them to communicate across time, enabling them to overcome the obstacles they face in pursuit of uncovering the truth of Dakota’s death at The Old Eagle Motel: Anything Dakota changes in the past will have consequences for Alya in the present.

However, not everything is as it seems as the godfather-daughter duo slowly come to suspect there’s something more sinister to this mystery than a simple murder. What truly happened in this desert oasis, where they always have time for you?

Send Items Back In Time

Alya can send certain items back in time to help Dakota


  • 2 player controlled protagonists
  • Narrative driven gameplay through pickups and environment
  • Instantaneously switch between two moments in time to solve puzzles
  • Changes in the the PAST affect the PRESENT
  • Explore the motel in both the day and night
  • Keep a record of your findings

Look At Inventory

Keep track of items, clues and transcripts gained throughout the game

The Old Eagle Motel Postcard

Why not come visit?


Get a warm greeting at the Reception area


What secrets does the motel hold?

Our Team

We are a team of avid Game Design Students who aim to make narrative driven games paired with eye-catching visuals that will stick with you even after the credits have rolled.

The Old Eagle Motel is our second collective venture into the realm of Game Design and Development, having been tasked with making a gaming experience from start to finish in just 53 days.

FaceBlend Original

Producer/ Narrative Design Lead/ Marketing – Kerri Squires

Level Design / Narrative Design / Sound Design – Archie Ryland (prev Game Designer for Cerebral Surge)

Lead Programmer/ Technical Artist/Environmental Artist/Tailoring Artist – Seamus Moore

Art Director & Character/Architecture Artist – Niki C. Swinfen-Wilkes

Lead 3D Model Artist & Texture Artist – Durrah Razfan

Produced by

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