Reports Active Inventory Up 36.1% YoY

by Calculated Risk on 6/27/2024 03:47:00 PM

What this means: On a weekly basis, reports the year-over-year change in active inventory and new listings. On a monthly basis, they report total inventory. For April, reported inventory was up 35.2% YoY, but still down almost 34% compared to April 2017 to 2019 levels. 

 Now – on a weekly basis – inventory is up 36.1% YoY. has monthly and weekly data on the existing home market. Here is their weekly report: Weekly Housing Trends View—Data for Week Ending June 22, 2024

Active inventory increased, with for-sale homes 36.1% above year-ago levels.

For the 33rd week in a row, the number of for-sale homes grew compared with one year ago. This past week, the inventory of homes for sale grew by 36.1% compared with last year, essentially the same gap as in recent weeks. While recent inventory growth is substantial compared to a year ago, it highlights just how far inventory had fallen. Even after recent growth, active inventory in May was down more than 30% from typical pre-pandemic levels.

New listings–a measure of sellers putting homes up for sale–were up this week, by 7.4% from one year ago.

Seller activity is up compared to one year ago, but momentum has waned from recent weeks and earlier this year. analysis shows that 87% of outstanding mortgages have a rate below 6%. If these homeowners sell, they are relinquishing relatively inexpensive debt for today’s roughly 7% mortgage rates, a costly proposition. As rates ease, they will cause less drag on the ‘move or stay’ calculus, and we are likely to see an increase in seller interest.

Realtor YoY Active ListingsHere is a graph of the year-over-year change in inventory according to

Inventory was up year-over-year for the 32nd consecutive week.  

However, inventory is still historically low.
New listings remain below typical pre-pandemic levels although up year-over-year.

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