Illinois Woman Receives Hundreds of Mystery Packages From Temu She Did Not Order

A has been receiving packages delivered to them from Temu that they did not order.

“The first week or two I was like, ‘This is kind of fun, it’s like Christmas,’ and then it got so overwhelming,” Isabelle Wood tells Inside Edition.

Wood received pleather jackets, a karaoke machine, and chess and checker sets.

The 27-year-old, who lives outside Chicago, says she has hundreds of items that have piled up and she does not know why.

Among the more odd deliveries were multiple steering wheel locks, a crawfish trap and perfume for cats.

Wood says she expected someone to come forward and claim the items, but no one did. She enlisted her father, Tim, to help store the items.

“I went over there and looked at them first to kind of see what we’ve got and then I had to go back and get a different car to put it all in because the car I had was too little,” Tim tells Inside Edition.

The packages were all addressed to the same person, someone with the first name Romeo. 

They were all shipped from Temu, an online marketplace operated out of China.

Wood says she contacted Temu but she kept receiving packages.

People across the United States have been reporting that they are getting packages that they did not order. The U.S. Postal Service warns it could be part of a large scam called brushing.

“What this means is that there has been a merchant or a seller on the e-commerce platform who has gotten your address, sent you this free item, all so they can go on, pose as you, and write a rave five-star review without you knowing about it,” Fox Business’ “The Big Money Show” co-anchor Taylor Riggs tells Inside Edition.

You can keep the items if you want to.

Temu tells Inside Edition that brushing is strictly prohibited but if you receive something you did not order, contact their customer service team.

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