I fell in love with an SPF moisturizer but tired of paying $27 a jar – I found a $13 buy with the exact same ingredients

HAVING an effective beauty routine doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

One woman revealed how she was able to keep her favorite skincare ingredients for half the price.

A Reddit user shared her trick for saving money on skincare products (stock image)


A Reddit user shared her trick for saving money on skincare products (stock image)Credit: Getty

Commenting on a Reddit post, user ChanshoP explained how she saved money on her favorite skincare step.

The poster recommended paying close attention to the ingredients in your favorite beauty products.

“Learn your skin care concerns, identify the why behind it then find out what ingredients work best for that,” she advised.

She gave the example of her former favorite moisturizer, which set her back significantly every time she purchased it.

“I was once recommended and fell in love with the No 7 line, especially the SPF moisturizer,” she wrote.

The No 7 Future Renew SPF Day Cream is currently available for $26.50 from Amazon.

“One day, I was tired of paying [almost] $30 per jar so I just looked at the ingredients,” the Redditor explained.

She examined the labels on other brands to see if they used the same ingredients in their moisturizers.

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“The Elf brand was nearby so I turned it over to compare and it has the exact same ingredients,” she said.

“[I] instantly saved $20 and bought an extra one.”

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The Elf Holy Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF Face Cream is currently available for $13 from Amazon.

If you’re considering buying the moisturizer, the poster provided some additional information on her skin type.

“Personally, I have dry and sensitive skin with a slightly oily T zone,” she explained.

“So I look for water-based products with humectants that draw and retain moisture.”

According to the Reddit user, the best ingredients for her skin type include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and vitamin E.

Dermatologist-approved anti-aging tips

Dermatologist Dr. Brendan Camp shared his dermatologist-approved tips with The U.S. Sun.

  • Stop using tanning beds.
  • Don’t use sunscreen to contour your face.
  • Wear driving gloves to protect your hands from the sun. He likes Coolibar Gannett UV Gloves UPF 50+, $15.99 to $39.
  • Exercise, stick to a healthy diet, and get enough sleep.
  • Don’t drink excessively or smoke.

“Any oils have to be non-comedogenic, not pore clogging, and absorb completely,” she said.

“So I lean toward vitamin E/emu and tamanu.”

She highlighted the importance of focusing on ingredients rather than brand names.


“Find out what works and check for the same ingredients in lower-priced products,” the poster advised.

“Don’t limit yourself to in-store shopping for good prices- you can get a great deal on Amazon even without paying for a subscription and have it delivered to your house.”