Cardi B Delivered A Message To All The ‘Opp B*tches’ Hating On Her At The 2024 Hollywood Unlock Impact Awards

Cardi B’s long-awaited sophomore album isn’t slated to be released until 2025. However, that hasn’t stopped the “WAP” rapper from dusting off the microphone for several notable collaborations. But just as she dropped off guest verses, Cardi has picked up a few rap beefs along the way.

Yesterday (June 21), during the 2024 Hollywood Unlocked Impact Awards, Cardi addressed those dust ups and more as she accepted the night’s Inspiration Award.

“I just want to say thank Jason [Lee] so much for this award,” she said. “I’m really my biggest critic and I always say this, ‘Nobody has it harder than in the industry and in every genre than a female rapper, and I’m going to tell you why. You have to have the best verse. Not only that, you have to kill the charts. On top of that, your personal life has to be perfect, or then the opp b*tches are going to use that against you.”

Although Cardi didn’t outright name any of those foes, users online quickly took it as a jab at either BIA or Nicki Minaj (maybe even both).

Cardi went on to clap back at those who continue to use her husband and fellow rapper, Offset’s past infidelities, to hurt her.

“‘Your husband. Your husband.’ Shut up,” she said. “I make more money than all the n****s you’re f*cking. So you know sometimes it is hard to be yourself. It is hard to want to push yourself into the music because sometimes I don’t like showing weakness in my music because, ‘You can’t see the p*ssy in me b*tch.’”

Watch the full speech below.