When Does ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Season 4, Episode 3 Drop?

(WARNING: Spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost will be found below.)

So, where did we leave off in episode two of Power Book II: Ghost season four? “To Thine Own Self” concluded with a bit of a reality check for Tariq and Brayden as they realized that a life outside of the drug game is not one for them. Despite Noma’s demands for them to stay out of it, the duo opts to come up with a plan to get back in and make some money for themselves. Monet continues her search for her killer while Dru and Diana hope that she never finds an answer. Cane and Noma seem to be forming a new relationship and Effie made some big moves to keep the operation. Now that you’re up to speed, here’s what to expect for this week’s episode.

When Will Power Book II: Ghost Season 4, Episode 3 Come Out?

The third episode of Power Book II: Ghost season four, titled “Birthright,” will arrive on June 21. The episode will be available on Friday, 6/21 on the STARZ app starting at midnight EST/PST. The episode will later air on the STARZ TV channel at 8 pm ET/PT. A synopsis for “Birthright” can be found below:

Tariq and Brayden must find an in with a vicious new connect. Noma tasks Cane with handling a competitor operating on her turf.

You can also watch a pair of teasers for Power Book II: Ghost season four, episode three below:

New episodes of ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ season four are available on the STARZ app on Fridays at 12:00 am ET/PT and on the STARZ TV channel at 8:00 pm ET/PT.