Guess Where the N-Word Karen Plans To Work Now That She Has Been Fired

What a world we live in. Instead of a white woman facing the consequences and backlash for wrongly using a racial slur in a video online, she is now turning it into a career opportunity.

If you’re unaware, Lilly Gaddis has been the talk of social media after she posted a TikTok where she casually dropped the N-word.


Watch below:


In the days since, she has received rightful backlash on social media, which resulted in her job firing her.

In a statement on Instagram, Rophe of the Carolinas wrote:

We at Rophe of the Carolinas want to address a recent incident that has caused concern and upset among our stakeholders. A newly hired employee made inflammatory remarks on social media that do not align with the values and beliefs of our company. We want to make it clear that these sentiments are not representative of our organization, and we do not condone or support such behavior.

As soon as we were made aware of the situation, we took immediate action to pull the employee from her assignment which is not directly with any client of ours, and the employee in question is no longer with our company. We are owned and operated by African American female and immigrant owned business and handled this situation as quickly as we could. We want to assure you that we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work environment where all individuals are valued and respected.

We understand the importance of upholding our principles of equality and understanding, and we will continue to strive to create a culture of respect within our organization. We appreciate the support and trust of our community, and we are dedicated to earning back any confidence that may have been shaken by this unfortunate incident.

Thank you for your understanding and continued partnership.

Despite Gaddis being terminated from her job publicly, she has not stopped with the hateful diction on social media.



Furthermore, her bigoted tirade has landed her an interview on Info Wars, a far-right conspiracy website owned by known idiot Alex Jones.


The most frustrating part of this whole situation is that the more people call out her racist behavior, the more times she’s going to use the attention as a spark plug to receive more attention from the conservative bigots that support her (i.e. Info Wars).

As @iamalmostlegend wrote on X, “Only in America can you use racism as a strategy to get fired from a job and grift into right-wing media for better employment.”


It’s a sad reality we live in.