Why Was Sheila E. Turned Away From Paisley Park on Prince’s Birthday?

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It would seem as if Sheila E., of all people, would never have a problem getting into Paisley Park. After all, the Grammy-nominated musician is one of Prince’s most famous protégés, so why would she ever be turned away from his famous studio-turned-museum?

Alas, that’s what happened last week when Sheila E. was not allowed into Paisley Park, she revealed in an Instagram video.


As Associated Press reported, the percussionist happened to be in Minneapolis for a show and took the opportunity to make a pit stop at her late collaborator’s studio. “I went in to celebrate him, and I wanted to go into the studio and do a live video, take a picture, and they said, ‘No.’” she said in the clip.


”My heart’s broke. I can’t even walk into Paisley. That’s kind of messed up…Not a nice way to celebrate his birthday.”

Sheila went on to say that the experience “won’t take away the joy” that she shared with Prince. “Happy Birthday Prince, love you,” she concluded the video.


In a follow-up statement, she recalled being the first artist to record with Prince at the legendary Paisley Park, saying that she even walked the grounds when “the foundation was mere dirt and rope.”

She also added that she wants the museum to return her drum kit, which the late Prince himself asked her to borrow to display in the museum.


Paisley Park’s official Instagram account went up with a statement in response to Sheila earlier this week, per Associated Press: “Hello Sheila – We love and respect you, and we did offer for you to come in and film in the soundstage or other areas, but we couldn’t allow filming in the studios without prior knowledge and planning, especially with tours going on at the time. We hope to have you back to Paisley Park in the future — just give us a heads-up! Happy Prince Day.”

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