Welp! Here’s What Happened to the White Karen Who Casually Used N-Word in Viral TikTok Video

The unmitigated gall of some white people. Despite the number of times we tell them not to use the N-word casually, too many of them still do.

Just look at Lilly Gaddis. During a seemingly innocent TikTok video where she is seen cooking a meal, she says, “Everybody I know who is married right now, they are married to broke a** n***s.”


Watch the entire video below:


Um, what the hell is wrong with her?

And before doubters come on here and claim if it’s real or not, it is.

In another TikTok video just days later, Gaddis doubled down on her racist words, saying, “A recent video of mine seems to have upset members of a certain community. All of the backlash really just made me do a deep dive, do a soul search and after all that, I still couldn’t find a care.”


Fortunately, none of these can be seen on her account, since it has been banned on TikTok. But she seems to have reposted them on X, as shown above.


Social media sleuths have discovered that Gaddis was an employee of Rophe of the Carolinas in Wilmington, N.C., and was she listed in her now-deactivated LinkedIn profile as a Business Development, Marketing and Sales Manager at the company.

Thanks to the backlash, Gaddis has been fired from that, writing in a post, “Oh no I just got fired! #mob.”


Unfortunately, she doesn’t seem too worried about it and looks to use the backlash as an opportunity to launch her career as a racist/conservative figure.

In another post, she wrote, “Thanks black community for helping to launch my new career in conservative media! You all played your role well like the puppets you are.”


This is the type of thing that makes your blood boil. Hopefully, her 15 minutes of Internet fame doesn’t last much longer.

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