We’ll fix 1m potholes a year and end Tory neglect of roads, says Labour

Labour has pledged to fix 1m potholes every year if elected on 4 July and turn the tide on the “neglect” of the UK’s roads.

Last year pothole damage cost drivers almost £500m, with the average damage worth £250, the party has claimed.

The shadow transport secretary, Louise Haigh, accused the Conservative government of failing motorists, adding that Labour was the only party “truly on the side of drivers”.

Under the proposals Labour has promised to fund local authorities to improve the condition of local roads and break down planning barriers to ensure vital upgrades to infrastructure are delivered on time and to budget. The party has also committed to tackling soaring car insurance by calling in regulators to crack down on the causes of the rises.

The pledges will be funded by deferring the planned new A27 bypass in the south of England, instead spending £320m on repairs across the country.

Haigh said: “Cars are a lifeline for millions up and down the country. They get people to work, allow parents to get kids to school and help carers support relatives, but drivers have been totally failed by this Conservative government.

“The Conservatives have left Britain’s roads plagued with potholes and have sat back as car insurance costs have spiralled out of control.

“Labour is the only party truly on the side of drivers. Our plan will fix up to a million more potholes every year, saving drivers hundreds of pounds in lower repair costs, and will crack down on soaring car insurance costs.

“We will make our roads safer for all who use them and remove the barriers which bog down our planning system, speeding up infrastructure improvements and cutting costs for taxpayers.”

The party’s plans also include accelerating the electric vehicle charge point rollout, reducing traffic by providing better buses and trains and delivering a new road safety strategy.

The Guardian

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