Watch the awkward moment BBC newsreader makes an Anchorman joke in latest gaffe after flipping the finger on air

BBC News star Maryam Moshiri has suffered another gaffe live on air months after she was caught showing her middle finger to the camera.

The TV presenter has become the unexpected breakout star of BBC News thanks to a variety of on-air mishaps and hilarious moments.

BBC star Maryam suffered another on-air blunder


BBC star Maryam suffered another on-air blunder
She is known for her infamous middle finger flip


She is known for her infamous middle finger flipCredit: BBC

Now she has been caught up in yet another that saw her left making a joke in reference to the movie Anchorman after her latest slip-up.

Whilst delivering a report on the declining number of hazel doormice, Maryam was left in a mix-up over the words “habit” and “habitat”.

Reading the autocue, the star could be heard saying: “Now they have been re-released into their natural, habit, it could help to restore the population.”

Immediately aware of the blunder, Maryam was left questioning what was going on live on air as she said: “Is it habit or habitat?

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“I’m probably going to get emails about this!”

Communicating with the production gallery in her ear, she continued: “Well it says habit on the autocue, so what can I say. Nicola Hassler has more, I’m Ron Burgundy!”

She was making reference to the hit Will Ferrall movie where a rogue question mark was added to the end of the character’s autocue which caused him to sound like he was questioning who he was as he said: “I’m Ron Burgundy?”

As the video package drew to a close, Maryam said: “Ah, how sweet, I, of course, meant to say habitat but habit was written on the autocue which just shows you that I just read whatever is written in front of me, clearly!”

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When the same story rolled around an hour later, she could be heard reading the same script as she added some emphasis behind habitat to make it clear that she had gotten it right.

His infamous blunders have seen her star rise within the BBC and she was even handed her own show after bosses were left delighted by the audience response to the journalist.

Awkward moment BBC News’ Maryam Moshiri caught off guard AGAIN during Eurovision broadcast after middle finger drama

Amongst moments including doing a live on-air demonstration on how to bend a spoon, Maryam first gained notoriety when she flipped off the camera in a shock moment.

Maryam was forced to release a statement clarifying she had been counting down in a joke with colleagues behind-the-scenes.

Footage later leaked which confirmed this, with Maryam coming on air exactly as she put up her middle finger in a bout of bad luck.

Her heightened profile has now resulted in the star bagging her own show with the Beeb.

The star is now the host of The World Today with Maryam Moshiri on the BBC News Channel.

Speaking about her new show, Maryam said: “I’m delighted to be launching The World Today on BBC News.


“This is my dream job and I’m so excited to be working with the unrivalled team of BBC journalists both in the UK and around the world.

“At a time when global events are affecting all our lives on a daily basis The World Today will inform and also make sense of what is happening globally.

The glam star has become one of BBC News' biggest names


The glam star has become one of BBC News’ biggest namesCredit: BBC

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