Urban Logic Games turns 10

Hi everyone,

Urban Logic Games has turned 10 years old and we made a retrospective video to mark the occasion. The vieo features a few unreleased prototypes, a section on Flagship and a playthrough of the first mission of Alliance Peacefighter.

[embedded content]

The first part of the video covers a couple of mobile games that led into the development of Flagship, Nebula and Badlands.

Section 1 - The Mobile Games

Then we talk about Flagship, with a brief history of its development followed by a rundown of its current status. If you only want to see the Flagship section you can go straight to this timecode.

Section 2 - Flagship

That’s followed with a playthrough of a prototype I made to explore diferent mechanics in the capital ship genre. I’ve never shown this game before but I think it has some interesting ideas and I’d like to return to it someday.

Section 3 - Destroyer

We finish the video with a playthrough of mission 1 of Alliance Peacefighter, the space sim we’re currently working on.

Section 4 - Alliance Peacefighter

Hope you enjoy the video!

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