The Weather Mod 0.81B Uploaded!

Small update, first and smallest thing first: snow melts! It’s subtle but I like seeing the snow on the ground fade, turn blue, and disappearScreenshot Doom 20240610 182824

Secondly, and it’s definitely not perfect, but hail can bounce now, and when it does it goes way too high!

There is now a larger wall cloud that will sometimes pawn under the biggest thunderstorms. They should first produce suction vorticies, which worked when testing the wall cloud in isolation, but the wall clouds always spawned so far away from me when put into the main mod that I couldn’t see if they spawned in the current version:
Screenshot Doom 20240605 180528
Screenshot Doom 20240605 180220

Afterwards the wall cloud will form into a wedge tornado!
Screenshot Doom 20240605 175756

And of course, the feature everyone’s probably been waiting for. . .
Tornado Outbreak mode!
[embedded content]
Screenshot Doom 20240605 192907

I’ve also updated some of the documentation, cheers!
The Weather Mod

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