The Rock Showed Off The Painful Injury He Got While Filming A24’s ‘The Smashing Machine’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson smashed up his elbow while filming The Smashing Machine. “Look at that sucker right there,” the star of A24‘s mixed martial arts drama directed by Benny Safdie said in a video posted to Instagram. “It looks like I have a cantaloupe in the bottom of my elbow. I got banged up pretty good today in our scenes, and there might be some soft tissue damage in there. That’s a lot of fluid, we’ll see. I’ve got to get it out of there first before I can get any kind of MRI.”

The wrestler-turned-actor shared the “rub some dirt in it”-like advice he used to get from his late father, Rocky Johnson.

“He always used to say, ‘A day without pain is like a day without sunshine, boy,’” Johnson said before asking his followers for any advice on how to treat the injury. “I’ve been banged up in the past before, I’ve had injuries before… but if you guys have any advanced advice on some great anti-inflammatories, please let me know.”

The video then turned into a promo for his Teremana Tequila (“This might be my favorite anti-inflammatory”), because The Rock is always on — even when he has to take a few days off.

You can watch the kitchen-shot Instagram video below, although beware, his elbow looks very… squishy.

Along with The Rock, who is portrays former MMA champ Mark Kerr, The Smashing Machine also stars Emily Blunt. It does not currently have a release date.

(Via Variety)

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