Sam Faiers sparks outrage with ‘dangerous and incorrect’ claims she’s ‘naturally healed’ her Crohn’s

SAM Faiers has sparked outrage and upset amongst her followers after claiming she has cured her Crohn’s disease ‘naturally’.

The former Towie star, 33, was first diagnosed with the lifelong and debilitating condition in 2014, but says she has it ‘under control’ now – despite there being no cure for it.

Sam Faiers has told fans she has naturally healed her Crohn's


Sam Faiers has told fans she has naturally healed her Crohn’sCredit: Instagram/samanthafaiers
She shared a video of a controversial speaker who she is a fan of


She shared a video of a controversial speaker who she is a fan ofCredit: samanthafaiers / Instagram
Sam posed with Corrie star Sean Ward - a Covid denier


Sam posed with Corrie star Sean Ward – a Covid denier

Furious fans slammed her ‘dangerous’ comments about the chronic condition,  which causes inflammation of the digestive system,  and many shared their own stories, including near death experiences, while living with it.  

Sam’s thoughts came after she attended a dinner hosted by alternative healthcare promoter Barabara O’Neill, who has been branded dangerous by the scientific community for her unsupported practises.

The telly favourite – who cosied up to controversial former Corrie star and Covid denier Sean Ward at the bash – told her fans: “Hey everyone,

“Last night, I had the privilege of attending an intimate dinner with Barbara O’Neil, surrounded by natural healers, authors, educators, and more. It was an incredible experience to be part of such a wonderful community.

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“During Barbara’s Q&A, she answered my question about Crohn’s disease.

“This post isn’t health advice or telling you what to do. I’m just sharing Barbara’s natural approach to healing Crohn’s from her experience in natural healing.

“Take from it what you will, and maybe even try her advice to see how it works for you.

“I naturally got my Crohn’s under control almost 10 years ago, and I continue to learn new things every day. The body truly is amazing.”

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She was quickly inundated with concerned comments from her followers, with one person demanding: “This is so insulting and not what an ambassador of CCUK should be posting. Alot of the IBD community are very hurt, angry, and upset right now. How do you plan to heal that?!”

An upset mother added: “Tell my 15 year old who had a stoma last week due to severe Crohns colitis that he should try this! Not good advice at all for younger people to see and believe.”

“Absolutely dangerous post, please make amends to this. Eating healthy doesn’t cure Crohns,” said another.

What is Crohn’s?

It is a condition that causes inflammation of the digestive system.

The inflammation is the body’s reaction to injury or irritation, and can cause redness, swelling and pain.

It is often described as a chronic condition and although sufferers will have periods of good health, there are flare-ups where symptoms are more active.

It is one of the two main forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease – the other is a condition known as Ulcerative Colitis.

It can be caused by the genes a person has inherited, an abnormal reaction of the immune system and is probably triggered by something in the environment.

While someone else told her: “Lost for words tbh. Dangerous and flamin out of order to each and everyone of us who’s near died has a stoma on medication for life.”

There is currently no cure for the disease, so treatment aims to reduce symptoms and maintain remission.

Drugs and surgery can give long periods of relief from symptoms, and some may cause temporary weight gain.

Sam believes diet has helped get her Crohn's under control


Sam believes diet has helped get her Crohn’s under controlCredit: Getty

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