McDonald’s is adding a brand new item to its menu – and it’s perfect for summer

MCDONALD’S is adding a brand new item to its menu, and it’s perfect for summer.

The fast-food chain is introducing a brand-new Oreo Frappe.

The Oreo Frappe will replace the Biscoff Frappe


The Oreo Frappe will replace the Biscoff Frappe

The drink will contain the usual vanilla base blended with ice and Oreo pieces.

It is then topped with more Oreo pieces and cream.

A new regular Oreo Frappe will cost £3.09, and a larger variant will cost £3.39.

The drink will hit the menu across all UK and Republic of Ireland restaurants on Wednesday, June 26.

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However, it won’t be around for too long, as it will only be available until Tuesday, September 3.

And while a new menu option is always welcome, it’s bad news for Biscoff Frappe Fans.

The Oreo Frappe will replace the Biscoff drink.

The Sun reviewed the all-new McDonald’s frappe based on an iconic biscuit in April.

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The chain’s Caramel Iced Frappe will remain a permanent offering.

Six savvy McDonald’s Menu hacks

What else is new to the McDonald’s menu?

McDonald’s introduced a new summer menu on Wednesday, May 29.

The fast food giant added eight new items to its main offering, including returning favourites.

Among the range is the brand new Hat Trick burger and a new McFlurry.

The burger features three beef patties, two slices of cheese, grilled onions, mustard, and ketchup on a glazed sesame seed bun.

The Hat Trick is £5.89, but you can upgrade to a meal with medium fries and a drink for £7.69.

The Skittles McFlurry is a soft dairy ice cream swirled with chewy Skittles fudge pieces and sugary pearls, topped with a purple Skittles-flavoured sauce.

For those who prefer a hot dessert, the Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie (£1.99) has also been introduced.

Full list of new items on McDonald’s summer menu shake-up

MCDONALD’S introduced a new summer menu on Wednesday, May 29.

New items added to the chain’s summer menu include:

  • The Hat Trick £5.89 or Medium Meal – £7.69
  • McDonald’s Chicken Sharebox – £10.59
  • 9 Chicken Select Sharebox – £8.49
  • Mozzarella Bites with a Rich Tomato Dip – £2.39
  • Skittles McFlurry – £2.19
  • Iced Latte – £2.49
  • Galaxy Caramel McFlurry – £2.19
  • Galaxy Chocolate and Raspberry Pie – £1.99

From June 26:

  • Regular Oreo Frappe – £3.09
  • Large Oreo Frappe – £3.39.

The fast-food chain ditched its ‘3 for £3’ deal across its UK and Ireland stores today.

Under the offer, Maccies fans were able to choose three popular dishes and pay just £3 for the lot – meaning each item costed just £1 each.

We’ve asked the fast food chain if it plans to bring back the offer in the near future.

McDonald’s regularly shakes up its menu offering to give foodies a chance to try new and returning items.

If you want to try any of these additions, don’t wait – they are only be on menus for six weeks.

How can I save money at McDonald’s?

YOU could end up being charged more for a McDonald’s meal based solely on the McDonald’s restaurant you choose.

How do I locate my nearest McDonald’s?

If you’re planning on taking a trip to McDonald’s, you’ll want to know where your nearest branch is.

The chain has a restaurant locator tool on its website you can use to find your nearest one – and check what time it opens.

Visit to find yours.


Bear in mind that McDonald’s serves breakfast every day until 11am.

After that, the menu switches to the normal menu serving meals such as burgers, chicken nuggets and more

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