I’ve bought used cars for 20 years – four ways to make sure they stay reliable and save hundreds of pounds

A MOTOR expert has revealed four ways to keep your second-hand car up and running for longer.

Following these expert tips could help you maintain your car for a longer time – and in turn save loads of repair money.

Car expert Stephen Fuller has shared expert tips to maintain your motor for a longer time


Car expert Stephen Fuller has shared expert tips to maintain your motor for a longer timeCredit: YouTube
The car guru advised changing the battery when buying a second-hand motor


The car guru advised changing the battery when buying a second-hand motorCredit: YouTube
he also urged drivers to keep air filters clean


he also urged drivers to keep air filters cleanCredit: YouTube

Buying a second-hand car can turn out to be a great opportunity to nab a great classic motor at affordable prices.

But used cars also present their own set of risks and challenges.

What drivers tend to skip is the maintenance part which is extremely important in the case of used cars.

Not caring for what’s inside the hood can actually turn out to be a massive disaster – and can set you back hundreds of pounds in repair costs.

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However, motor guru Stephen Fuller has now revealed four easy – and cheap – ways to maintain your car and keep it running for longer.

The expert, who runs an automotive channel on YouTube called Gerb Productions, said: “All of my cars have been used cars since I have grown up.

Change all fluids

Stephen advised that changing fluids should be the first step for any driver after they buy a second-hand car.

The expert advised: “If you wanna keep your used car reliable, the first thing you wanna do is change all your fluids. That includes coolant, brake fluid, and engine oil.

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“Always change the fluids guys, not only is it cheap but also pretty easy to do yourself.”

While car fluids can last for many miles, over time they can begin to break down and lose their ability to perform well and keep the car’s engine smooth.

Changing oils, especially on a second-hand car, becomes very important if you want your motor to perform well for many miles to come.

Replace the battery

The second tip that Stephen gave was to replace the old battery on the used motor with a fresh one.

He said: “You don’t wanna get stranded in the middle of the road especially if your battery dies while on a long trip.

“Old batteries can cause a lot of issues and waste a lot of your time and money.”

Car batteries, just like any other battery, can break down over time and lose their effectiveness.

Not changing a car battery with time could cause unwanted car breakdowns while travelling – and could cost you a lot more money to get it back to a garage and get it fixed.

Change air filters

Another piece of advice from the motor guru was to change your car’s air filters and keep them clean.”

Stephen said: “Always change our air filters. I make sure I keep my air filters clean because it is not only good for the engine but also keeps your oil cleaner.”

Air filters in cars are designed to clean the air that goes inside the car – and can become extremely dirty over time.

Not changing – or cleaning – an ineffective air filter can seriously harm your car’s engine and drastically reduce the motor’s performance.

Warm up your engine

Last but not least, the expert advised to always warm up your car’s engine before taking it out for a spin.

“I am really big in this tip – always let your engine warm up to the operating temperature before you put a load on it,” he added.

Warming up your car allows the engine oil to warm up and circulate better.

This makes it flow more easily, helping reduce the engine’s regular wear and tear.

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