‘I think I didn’t give Novak the respect he deserved,’ Roger Federer makes massive claim on his relationship with Novak Djokovic

Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer has given an interesting take on his relationship with 24-time Grand Slam champion Novak Djokovic . The Serbian has shared a long and exciting rivalry with the Swiss Maestro for almost two decades.

According to the Telegraph, Amazon launched a behind-the-scenes documentary of the upcoming ‘Federer: Twelve Final Days.’ In that documentary, Federer considered Djokovic ‘misunderstood’ in terms of his image in the men’s game.

I think he’s been a little bit misunderstood. I look past the media and I see at the end the man he is. If I take away his game, who is he? What are his values? I know he cares very deeply about his family. Roger Federer in a new behind-the-scenes clip of the documentary

Federer’s latest appearance was at Dartmouth College, where he gave a wonderful speech to the graduates of the class of 2024. However, his next appearance is most likely to be on cinema screens, where he will be seen in the ‘Federer: Twelve Final Days’ documentary.

Djokovic was part of Team Europe in Federer’s retirement tournament at the Laver Cup 2022. He was joined by the likes of Nadal and Andy Murray, who are historically known as the Big 4 in men’s tennis.

Roger Federer’s iconic rivalry with Novak Djokovic – By the numbers

The rivalry between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer stands out as one of the most prolific and celebrated in tennis history.

Meeting 50 times on the court, Djokovic holds a slight edge with a 27–23 lead over Federer, including a 13–6 advantage in the finals. Their clashes in major tournaments were frequent and intense, with the Serb leading 11–6 in their 17 encounters, five of which were in finals. Notably, Djokovic has defeated the Swiss Maestro at all four Grand Slam events, a feat reciprocated by Federer against Djokovic.

This storied rivalry began in 2006, with Federer winning their initial four matchups. However, after Djokovic’s first victory at the 2007 Canadian Open final, their contests became much more balanced until their last match in the Australian Open 2020.

Their encounters were renowned for their spectacular and unpredictable shot-making. Unlike most rivalries where the playing surface heavily influences outcomes, Djokovic and Federer displayed remarkable consistency across all surfaces. They played many memorable matches, including the 2019 Wimbledon final, which was the longest in Wimbledon history and Djokovic emerged victorious. Other significant encounters include the 2014 and 2015 Wimbledon finals, as well as semifinals at the 2010 US Open, 2011 US Open, 2011 French Open, and 2018 Paris Masters.

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