‘I lost at the very first point of the match,’ Roger Federer reveals how he felt intimidated by Rafael Nadal during the legendary 2008 Wimbledon final

For Roger Federer , winning was everything, especially when he played at Wimbledon, which is why his loss to Rafael Nadal in 2008 Wimbledon hurt him badly. During his commencement speech at Dartmouth College in the United States, Federer recalled that match to explain how sometimes even hard work doesn’t help. 

Federer, while referencing the 2008 Wimbledon match against Nadal, tried to explain to the students that failures don’t necessarily end everything if one has the courage to get up, move on, and commit to the next goal. He said he got intimidated by Nadal at SW19 after easily losing to him at the 2008 Roland Garros 6–1, 6–3, 6–0. 

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