Hunter Biden found guilty in gun trial after explosive testimony about his drug use from his ex-wife and sister-in-law

HUNTER Biden has been found guilty on all counts in his gun trial and now faces 25 years in prison.

The turbulent life of Hunter, 54, was thrown into the spotlight as a federal courtroom heard shocking testimony about his drug addiction, which spiraled out of control after the death of his brother, Beau, in 2015.

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been convicted on all charges in his gun trial


Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, has been convicted on all charges in his gun trialCredit: EPA
President Joe Biden has said he will not pardon his son


President Joe Biden has said he will not pardon his sonCredit: Reuters
Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden's ex-wife, testified in vivid detail how she found a crack pipe in their home in July 2015


Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, testified in vivid detail how she found a crack pipe in their home in July 2015Credit: AP:Associated Press
First Lady Jill Biden was seen arriving at the federal courthouse as the verdict came in


First Lady Jill Biden was seen arriving at the federal courthouse as the verdict came inCredit: AP

A 12-panel jury in Wilmington, Delaware, convicted Hunter, who chose not to testify in his defense, on all charges on Tuesday after about three hours of deliberation.

Hunter stared straight ahead and showed no emotion as the verdict was read.

First Lady Jill Biden, who attended the majority of Hunter’s trial, missed the reading of the verdict, NBC News reported.

Prosecutors hammered the narrative that the president’s son knowingly lied on a firearm form about using drugs when he bought a gun nearly six years ago.

Federal prosecutors said that on October 12, 2018, Hunter walked into the StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply store in Wilmington and purchased a .38 Colt Cobra revolver.

The government said Hunter answered “No” to a question on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives form that asked if he was using or was addicted to drugs or a controlled substance.

“The defendant knew he used crack and was addicted to crack at the relevant time period,” prosecutor Leo Wise said during closing arguments.

“There is no evidence that anyone else possessed the gun from October 12 to October 23, other than the defendant,” Wise added of the gun Hunter owned for 11 days.

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Jurors heard punishing testimony from those closest to Hunter about his years of drug addiction.

Prosecutors even played audio excerpts from Hunter’s 2021 memoir, Beautiful Things, in the courtroom, which described in the defendant’s own words his trouble with drugs and his sobriety.

Hunter Biden clings to wife as his family packs two rows of courtroom after jury shown video of ex Hallie ditching gun

The evidence was personal; it was ugly and overwhelming.

Prosecutor Leo Wise

Gordon Cleveland, the sales representative at StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply who sold Hunter the firearm, testified how he saw the president’s son fill out the ATF form.

Cleveland said the pair discussed the different types of ammunition and how Hunter opted for the hollow point bullets.

Several family members, including First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, were seated in the courtroom for much of the trial.

Wise told jurors that “people sitting in the gallery” are not evidence.

“You may recognize them from the news, but respectfully, none of that matters,” the prosecutor said.

“No one is above the law. Your decision can only be made on evidence.

“The evidence was personal; it was ugly and overwhelming.

“He knew he was using drugs; that’s what the evidence shows.”

What are the charges against Hunter Biden?

In September 2023, Hunter Biden was indicted on three felony gun charges after a plea agreement with federal prosecutors unraveled. Prosecutors claim that on October 12, 2018, Hunter purchased a .38 Colt Cobra revolver from a Delaware gun store and lied on the ATF firearm form when he said he was not abusing drugs.

  • Count 1: Hunter is charged with ‘knowingly making a false and fictitious written statement’ on a form used for firearms purchases.
  • Count 2: Hunter allegedly knowingly made false statements and representations to the Wilmington gun store.
  • When a person buys a gun, they must fill out a form with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and confirm that they are legally allowed to buy the weapon.
  • The purchaser must affirm that they have not been convicted of a felony, are not a fugitive, are in the United States legally, and are not addicted or using illegal drugs.
  • Count 3: Hunter is accused of illegally possessing a gun while abusing drugs. He owned the gun for 11 days in 2018.
  • Counts one and two carry a maximum prison sentence of 10 years, while the third count has a maximum of five years.

Hunter Biden faces up to 25 years in prison. However, first-time offenders hardly ever receive the maximum penalty. It’s unclear if the judge will impose a jail sentence.


Federal prosecutors called three of Hunter’s exes as witnesses. All testified at great lengths about his crack cocaine addiction.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter’s ex-wife, told the courtroom how she found a crack pipe in their home and drug paraphernalia in his pickup truck.

Buhle told jurors that her ex-husband “acknowledged” smoking crack.

Hunter’s ex-lover and former sex worker, Zoe Kestan, shockingly testified how the First Son would smoke crack up to every 20 minutes from the moment he woke up.

Meanwhile, Hallie Biden, the widow of Beau Biden, briefly described her romance with Hunter and how he introduced her to crack.

“It was a terrible experience that I went through, and I’m embarrassed, and I’m ashamed of that period of my life,” a remorseful Hallie, 50, said.

Hallie told jurors that she found the firearm inside Hunter’s pickup truck a few days after he purchased it.

The mother-of-two said she disposed of it out of fear for himself and her children.

“I didn’t want him to hurt himself or my kids to find it and hurt themselves,” Hallie said on the stand.

“I was afraid to, kind of, touch it. I was just flustered from the whole thing. I realize it was a stupid idea, but I was just panicking,” she said about the moment she disposed of the revolver in a trash can.

However, defense attorney Abbe Lowell argued there was no evidence to support that Hunter ever took the gun out of the locked box it came in before Hallie found it and threw it in the trash.

“On October 23rd, Hallie did something incredibly stupid,” Lowell said during closing arguments.

“She may have done it for love or perhaps out of anger in suspecting that Hunter had been with another woman.”

Lowell also stressed the issue with wording on the ATF gun form, saying the question about drug use asks the potential buyer, “are you” a drug user, as opposed to “have you” ever used drugs.

The defense attorney stressed that the form distinguishes between past and present tense when listing some of the criteria that could disqualify someone from buying a gun.

“So, Hunter Biden, who just returned from and was engaging with his family in a way he wouldn’t while using drugs, ‘What would he see?'” Lowell said.

“Not a question in the past tense. In the present tense. And, knowing he was working on his sobriety, Hunter Biden answered ‘No.'”

Instead, Lowell shifted the blame to the gun store salesman, who he previously described to jurors as a “pushy” sales representative.


Hunter's wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, was by his side throughout the trial


Hunter’s wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, was by his side throughout the trialCredit: Getty

Could Hunter Biden go to jail?

Will Trachman, general counsel for Mountain States Legal Foundation, told The U.S. Sun it’s hard to tell if Biden will be jailed for his gun charge conviction.

The trial takes place in Delaware, where the Biden name “goes a long way,” said Trachman.

Judge Maryellen Noreika is known to be fair-minded, said Trachman, so given Hunter’s age and status as a first-time offender, he believes he would receive a light sentence.

However, due to the seriousness of the alleged crimes, Trachman also believes that Biden could serve jail time.

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