Was Elliot Wilson The ‘Rat’ Who Influenced the Drake-Kendrick Lamar Beef?

We all know Kendrick Lamar has been Drake’s number-one enemy throughout 2024. But along with the many other artists he’s taken shots at on his numerous diss tracks, the Toronto rapper has also made some enemies in the media.

During the latest episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson revealed that his relationship with the 6 God has not been the same since his legendary battle with Lamar ended and shared that Drake was paranoid about his relationship with the Compton MC.


“I think he started to think like Kendrick’s in Venice you’re in Venice like he started to view it like I’m just really against him,” Wilson explained.

“So when he dropped ‘Family Matters,’ I was like, ‘Yo you dropping this tonight?’ He hit me back like, ‘Yeah, yeah, whatever lol,’ and then he sent me a rat emoji.”


The rat emoji may indicate that Drake thinks that Wilson leaked info to Lamar’s camp that he was dropping “Family Matters,” which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering K-Dot dropped his response just minutes later with “meet the grahams.”

Watch the clip below:


Wilson also shared that the 6-God blocked him on social media, and was warned that he shouldn’t go back to Toronto, saying, “He said I can’t go to Toronto. OG said I wasn’t welcome in the 6.”

He shared this sentiment during an episode of his podcast, “The Bigger Picture” in May, telling his co-hosts, “I got the calls from OGs—I’m not really welcomed in Toronto right now. I grew up in NYC and you know not to go into other people’s projects. You might visit shorty but you ain’t got no business being over to those projects looking for no problems. So, I would not go to TO if me and Drake weren’t good. I just think it’s a tough time to manage these relationships with artists… You develop these connections with them, and then you have to manage these relationships and its ups and downs with that.”


This is an interesting development since Wilson arguably conducted the definitive Drake interview back in 2019 (along with Brian “B. Dot” Miller) during their time as the duo that made up “Rap Radar.”

Rap Radar: Drake

It’s hard to imagine that Drake will give that kind of access to Wilson or any other journalist again for that matter since his beef with Lamar didn’t quite turn out the way he wanted it to.

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