TILT IS NOW ON STEAM – Download the demo today!

The newest addition game from Mascot Bro Studio is TILT which is a physic gravity type game similar to portal series, and the demo is now out on steam!

Mascot Bro Studio and Stopshut Games have now officially announced their new upcoming game called Tilt now features a demo over 30 minutes in length showing this revolutionary game that promises to redefine the puzzle-solving experience. TILT challenges players to navigate and solve puzzles by tilting their surroundings, offering an immersive and innovative gaming adventure like never before.

The demo is now out for the steamfest! Check it out for free on steam.

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After being assigned to fix the turbine in the evaluation wing, you will have to solve the increasingly mind-bending puzzles that are thrown at you. But don’t worry, you will be guided by the Julian Nigel, the head engineer at Ascendium Tech, who will try his best to direct you throughout the Aerostation. Look out for the TerraGuard, a virus aboard the facility that isn’t too happy with the Aerostation’s existence. Make your way through the complex quickly, who knows what might happen if that turbine fails!