‘Straight to prison’ say sickened Love Island fans as theyspot Ronnie’s stomach-churning eating habit

LOVE Island viewers were left horrified last night when they spotted Ronnie’s very interesting food combination.

In between flirting with Harriett and upsetting Jess, the footballer was seen having a snack of left over spaghetti bolognese, covered in mayonnaise.

Fans spotted Ronnie having some spag bol


Fans spotted Ronnie having some spag bol
He shocked viewers by adding mayo to it


He shocked viewers by adding mayo to it

His bizarre combo certainly raised eyebrows, with some rather dramatic responses to it on social media.

One person remarked: “That is atrocious. Straight to the gulag!”

Another said: “If the ick was a person…”,  while a further added: “Instant red flag!”

Someone else wrote: “Disgusting”, and another commented: “A mad man doing mad things, that’s all.”

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Ronnie came under fire last night after his very awkward recoupling speech with Jess, in which he made it very clear he was interested in getting to know Harriet as well.

Afterwards, a furious Jess said: “Poor choice of words, Ron.

“I don’t think you said one nice thing about me. You don’t need to go about it that way.” 

Ronnie replied: “I’m not great with words. I want to apologise.” 

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He then spoke to Harriett and told her:  “Everything I said was honest – it just came out wrong.

“I do think there is something there from when we’ve spoke. I do want to see what’s happening with that.”

He added: “Hopefully we get a little date or something, away from everyone.” 

Reflecting in the Beach Hut about the situation, Jess moaned: “The guy has got an audacity – he’s not come and asked how I am.

“If he’s getting on better with Harriett and having good chats with Harriett then I wish them the best of luck.” 

Ronnie has decided to make a move on Harriett


Ronnie has decided to make a move on HarriettCredit: Eroteme
His antics haven't gone down well with Jess


His antics haven’t gone down well with JessCredit: Eroteme

And it seems things are getting to get even worse for her tonight as Ronnie pulls Harriett for a chat in the Hideaway.

As tension grows between them, he tells her “Obviously I’m coupled up with Jess but she knows that I want to get to know you and you want to get to know me and you fancy me a little bit.”

Harriet assures Ronnie: “You know I fancy you, I’ve fancied you since the beginning.”

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