Oregon Man Who Drove Off Embankment Is Saved After His Dog Runs 4 Miles for Help

Like a real life Lassie, a dog ran for as long as it took to get help to save his owner after the man drove off an embankment and into a ravine in Oregon, according to authorities.

Brandon Garrett was driving to a camp site with his four dogs when the accident occurred on June 2, cops said.

One of his dogs traveled nearly four miles to where Garrett’s family was camping and alerted the rest of the party that something was wrong, the Baker County Sherriff’s Office said.

The next morning, police got a call from Garrett’s brother, who said his relative never made it to the camp site. Other family members found Brandon’s SUV in a ravine but “were unable to reach it due to the terrain,” the Baker County Sheriff’s Office said.

Authorities arrived at the scene where Brandon’s SUV crashed on the morning of June 3. A sheriff who was searching the area with a trained dog heard someone screaming for help and Brandon was found 100 yards from where his vehicle was, police said.

Brandon’s three other dogs were also found safe at the crash site, cops said.

The sheriff administered first aid as search and rescue teams as well as park officials arrived to help.

Brandon was put in a rescue basket, which was “connected to a highline rope system and pulled across the ravine,” Baker County Sheriff’s Office said.

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