Order of the Elements MMORPG introduces archery and many bug fixes


TigerRoll Studio has pushed out an update with an exciting new feature to their indie MMO, Order of the Elements! The summer update includes physics based archery, where arrows will stop and interact with the world and stick into enemies, as well as crafting updates and bug fixes.


loose arrow

Update Features

This update adds Archery, the second of three foundational combat styles. This weapon excels at hit-and-run tactics, compliments a group with melee capability and pairs well with light armor. However, arrows are consumed on each shot, it is not very effective in close quarters and is greatly hindered by heavy armor.

  • Physics-Based Archery
    • Arrows will stop and interact with the world.
    • Whilst targeting enemies, arrows will automatically aim and track them.
    • Arrows will stick into enemies (hopefully without launching them into orbit!)
    • To unlock Archery, you need to complete the quest ‘Fighting the Distance’.
  • Crafting Updates
    • The difficulty of crafting items has been hooked up to a few skill-checks.
    • Crafting difficulty preview in the UI has been added.
    • Blacksmithing difficulty updates.
    • Cooking UI and difficulty updates.
  • Many bug fixes
    • Sara will now talk to players
    • Target dummies no longer attack the player
    • Horses have longer time before despawning
    • Windmill now properly windmills
    • Several collision issues resolved that dealt with trees, players, and terrain
  • Dialogue Enhancements
    • Dialogue has been toned down from heavily medieval ‘ye-old-English’
    • Quest journal entries are clearer and more concise on how to progress to the next stage of the quest

windmillgif ezgif com optimize

Windmills now properly windmill

Update Dev Comments, ‘Behind the Scenes’

“This was quite a challenging feature. As well as the typical ammo/weapon/damage functionality, we really wanted to use all of the amazing Unreal Engine Animation capabilities to make the bow, arrow and character feel fluid.” Said Blake, founder of Tigerroll Studio. “The bow uses a control rig to deform as the string is pulled back, and the string vibrates after the arrow is fired using an animation blueprint. The arrow can be fired without a target, and follows a realistic gravity-enabled arc before vibrating into a piece of the environment. This is, of course, all network replicated with prediction, error handling, state checking, rollback, etc.”

Where can I play Order of the Elements?

Order of the Elements is set to release into Early Access 2025, and can be wishlisted at their Steam Page. Early alpha access is also available via Patreon.

If you wish to join the play test, then you can also join their Official Discord!


What is Order of the Elements?

Order of the Elements is an old school, skilling-based, indie MMORPG powered by Unreal Engine. It is an enthusiast’s passion project to return to the basics of what makes an MMO fun. Challenging but fair gameplay and meaningful progression without loot boxes, microtransactions, or pay 2 win.

You take on the form of a young new adventurer, born to the Sect or the Dominion, to grow and explore the wonders of the world under six elements. Gather, craft, and fight your way to power, fortune, and glory. Be warned, for death is an unforgiving master.

Order of the Elements is set to release into Early Access in 2025

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