Jay-Z’s $300 Million Pledge To Private Education In Philadelphia Has Backfired In Fans’ Eyes

Jay-Z may have thought he was helping with a pledge to donate $300 million in scholarships to Philadelphia students, but fans say he’s doing more harm than good. The billionaire rapper, who has dedicated himself to social causes with what he clearly hopes is an endearing fervor, saw his efforts backfire among fans on social media over the weekend, as many questioned why he dedicated that money to private school vouchers rather than improving the quality of public schools in Philly.

For some background, Philadelphia’s public school system has been in dire straits for some time, with old and decaying buildings not up to code, overworked teachers, and a lack of funding contributing to some of the worst outcomes nationwide — which have led to more defunding of the schools, which only exacerbates the existing problems. Meanwhile, charter schools have been criticized for churning out results that are effectively no better, with teachers that may not even be properly credentialed, specialized curriculums that could leave students unprepared for higher education and the workforce, and a selective system that allows for “underperforming” students to be booted from the schools entirely to keep test scores high.

Fans on X (RIP Twitter.com) criticized Jay’s involvement in the voucher program, pointing out that Jay is effectively playing out an Abbott Elementary storyline in real life.

Please, Jay, just watch the show. There are public school teachers who could use that support.

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