I’m a gypsy & get my gorger friends to scrub my house so they learn the right ways to clean – my tricks are much better

A WOMAN has revealed that she get’s her non-traveller friends to come over and clean her house so she can show them the gypsy way to clean.

Wendy Louise took to social media to show off her friend on her hands and knees scrubbing Wendy’s bedroom floor.

Wendy brought her non-traveller friend over to clean her room and show the proper way to celan


Wendy brought her non-traveller friend over to clean her room and show the proper way to celanCredit: tiktok/@miss_wendy_louise_jones
Many asked Wendy for her cleaning tips and tricks


Many asked Wendy for her cleaning tips and tricksCredit: tiktok/@miss_wendy_louise_jones

She said: “When you’re having your non-traveller over.

“Yes my girl, I will teach you how to clean in our gypsy way, she loves it.”

In the clip her friend was equipped with a silver metal bucket and orange cloth.

She soon got to work in scrubbing the floors with her hands and knees instead of using a mop.


“Teaching a non traveller how to clean,” she captioned the pos.t

“We clean different to non travellers eg GORGER I love teaching people our ways.”

In another video, the house-proud traveller revealed she still identified heavily with her community despite not being in a caravan.

She showed off her gorgeous silver and grey house and wrote: “I’m proud to be a traveller in a house.

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“Just because I don’t live in a caravan doesn’t mean I’m not a traveller, it’s in our blood.”

Other clips show Wendy’s children, including her son help out with the cleaning.

She hit back at stereotypes that traveller men don’t clean claiming her son loved to help his mum get the house spotless.

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The clip posted to her TikTok account @miss_wendy_louise_jones has since gone viral with over 3 million views and 100k likes.

Many took to the comments praising the gypsy way of cleaning, but some were stunned she invited her friend round to clean her house for her.

One person wrote: “I’m obsessed with traveller cleaning videos.”

Another commented: “The cleanliness of traveller women really can’t be beaten.”

“Getting your mate around to clean your bedroom is mad,” penned a third.

Differences between a gypsy and a traveller

Typically, Gypsies is a term used to describe Romani people, who migrated to Europe from India. 

Meanwhile, traveller refers to a group of people who usually have either Irish, Scottish or English heritage. 

While many English gypsy girls are allowed to drink alcohol and go on holiday with their friends before they get married, many Irish traveller girls are not allowed to do this.

Generally, both gypsies and travellers will share the same morals.

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Traveller girls are soooo clean it’s awesome.”

“Defo more cleaning vids please,” claimed a fifth.


Someone else added: “I clean like this too! Best way to do it.”

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