Baby Blues Nightmares – Demo Now Available On Steam!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to face nightmares from the perspective of a baby? “Baby Blues Nightmares” is a unique horror game that invites you into a world where ordinary toys turn into sinister adversaries and a cozy nursery becomes a battleground for survival. The game, developed by an indie studio, is available as a demo and promises a spine-tingling experience that merges innocence with terror.

Download the Chapter 1 teaser demo on steam for free: Click here

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Baby Blues Nightmare is a survival horror stealth game where you play as a toddler and have to do what it takes in order to survive your horror-ish nightmares of what’s real and not. Fix, maintain and customize your Tricycle to roam around your little world with. Run, hide and survive but remember; try not to cry when you are scared.. or the monsters will hear you and get you.

Join the Community: You can join the game’s community on Discord and follow the latest updates on Twitter. Your feedback can help shape the game and make it a more thrilling experience for everyone.

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Explore your little world with your very own Tricycle which you can use as a vehicle, where you can store your favorite toys, customize your wheels, paint and find collectables to place on your Tricycle. This will be your means of transport.

For more information, visit Steelkrill’s official website at

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