We are looking for playtesters for our strategy game demo

We’re a small dev team working on a crime-themed, turn-based strategy game called ALL IN THE GAME. The game will launch to early access 25th of June, after being featured on Steam’s Next Fest (June 10-17).

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The game has a completely free, full-featured demo that you can download on Steam.

We’re looking for playtesters who could participate in our multiplayer events that we’re coordinating on our Discord this week as well as during Next Fest, which starts next week. If you’re not into multiplayer or if want to play solo or with your own friends, that’s totally fine, as long as we get some feedback and bug reports! :3

Here’s a link to our Steam Page, it has more details about our game.

To participate in playtesting, here’s a link to our Discord server. Once you’re on the server, go to a channel called #nextfest-playtesting, which will have all the information you’ll need.

Choose from a number of Principles that reflect your playstyle

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them on the Discord!

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