Tinashe Has Launched ‘Green T,’ Her Signature Strain Of Weed To Pair With Her Music

Tinashe is kicking off her nasty girl summer. Her latest single, “Nasty,” has been taking over TikTok, and spawning some pretty iconic memes. And while fans are eagerly awaiting her upcoming album, Quantum Baby, Tinashe has a special treat to pair well with the music she’s dropping this summer. During an album preview in her hometown of Los Angeles, Tinashe debuted Green T, her weed strain which comes via a partnership with RYTHM premium cannabis.

“I feel most spiritual when I connect with nature and listen to music. It’s no coincidence, both are magical, profound wellness tools,” shared Tinashe in a statement. “Green T celebrates emotional, creative, and overall well-being.”

According to RYTHM’s official website, Tinashe curated Green T herself, and contains “rich and earthy” yet “sweet and fruity” notes. Green T is set to launch in Pennsylvania later this month, and will be available in other territories soon after.

Fans can also look forward to special meet-and-greet launch events for Green T in select markets.

Additionally, “Nasty” has shown to be quite a hit for Tinashe. The song has reached No. 1 on the iTunes R&B charts, and is currently pulling in over one million daily streams on Spotify.

You can see a preview clip for Green T above.