Montana Man on the Moment He Realized He Had Gotten Into and Drove Away Stranger’s Car After Picking Up Pizza

A Montana man mistakenly drove a stranger’s car away after mistaking the vehicle as his own.

Vincent Zepeda was on his way home after picking up pizza when he realized something was not right: a dog not belonging to him was in the back seat. It turned out, he had gotten into a car identical to his own and drove away.

“It was just crazy,” Zepeda tells Inside Edition.

Zepeda drove back to his parking spot. 

“Immediately, I was like, ‘This is not my car.’ So I just whip around,” he says.

Zepeda’s own car, also a red Honda CR-V, was parked right next to the vehicle he mistakenly drove.

Zepeda’s own dog was also in the backseat of his vehicle.

The car Zepeda accidentally drove belonged to Cynthie Fisher and her English lab, Fletcher.

“I’m just embarrassed by leaving my key in the car,” Fisher says. “Always thought having the dog in the car would protect the car, but he’s not much of a guard dog, really.”

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