General Election debate LIVE: Rishi Sunak & Keir Starmer to face biggest election test yet as they go head-to-head

How could things play out?

The General election is a month away and things aren’t looking good for the Tories.

Below is the latest YouGov poll, projecting a record-breaking victory for the Labour Party.

Who is taking part in tonight’s debate?

With the General election just one month away, tonight marks the first leadership debate of the campaign.

ITV has made the controversial decision to only invite Labour’s Sir Keir Starmer and the Conservative’s Rishi Sunak to take part.

The debate airs tonight at 9pm on ITV and ITVX.

‘I just felt like it’

The woman who was pictured drenching Nigel Farage with a milkshake today claims she didn’t plan to do it but “just felt like it.”

The woman, who gave her name as Victoria, said: “He doesn’t stand for me, he doesn’t represent anything I believe in, or any of the people around here.

“He doesn’t represent us, he’s not from here.”

Credit: AFP

Clacton residents react to Nigel Farage’s campaign launch

Clacton residents have given their opinion on Nigel Farage’s decision to run in their constituency.

Longtime resident Peter Tokley, 82, said: “I think we should give him a go. I wasn’t going to vote for anyone but now he’s running we should see what he can do.”

Peter Serghiou, 44, told ITV: “I don’t think it matters who stands and who doesn’t as the end result is always the same. Which is – for Clacton if you have a look around – nothing much.”

Tories ‘freaking out’ as Farage enters the race

Some Conservative MPs are “freaking out” after Nigel Farage confirmed he would run as the leader of the Reform Party yesterday.

“It’s not great news for Downing Street yesterday and today,”  Th eSun on Sunday’s Political Correspondent Sophia Sleigh told Never Mind The Ballots.

“We’re still talking about Nigel Farage and we’re still going to be talking about him for the next few days.

“Coupled with this poll Tories are really, really jittery today.”

Ms Sleigh said Reform are a “big threat” to the Tories, adding: “I think they’re a big threat in the sense that they are going to bite into the Tory vote, which will enable Labour to come up through the middle in some of these seats.

“I know that Tory MPs – I have been speaking to a couple this morning – are freaking out about this. It’s not because they’re going to lose their seat to Reform, it’s because they’re going to lose to Labour because of Reform.

“They are absolutely freaking out that Nigel Farage is back on the playing field because he’s this massive figurehead of the right.

“Some Tory MPs until very recently wanted a deal with Nigel Farage. They wanted Rishi Sunak to come to some sort of agreement for him to call off the dogs, help them out.”

Nigel Farage drenched in milkshake AGAIN as he launches General Election campaign

Nigel Farage was drenched in milkshake AGAIN today as he launched his General Election campaign in Clacton, Essex.

Not for the first time, the incendiary Brexiteer was left soaked by what appeared to be a McDonald’s Banana milkshake.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Farage declared war on the Conservative Party.

Mr Farage accused them of “betraying” the trust of voters, adding: “They opened up the borders to mass immigration like we have never seen before and they deserve to pay a price for that. A big price for that.”

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