Drivers are only just realising what the flap inside every car boot is used for

DRIVERS are only just realising what the flap in most car boots is meant to be used for.

The feature can be found in many petrol and diesel cars in the UK but has still left motorists baffled.

Drivers are only just realising what the flap inside every car boot is for


Drivers are only just realising what the flap inside every car boot is forCredit: Getty

The flap has a wire located inside which fixes a major fuel cap issue, according to the Express.

Road users rely on their fuel cap door from opening and closing to top-up their vehicles at the petrol station.

But sometimes the flap could become stuck in a fixed position stopping motorists from being able to get into their tank.

The problem can cause a major headache for road users who are wanting to top-up – but a simple tip could save the day.

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According to TikTok users, the flap in their boot hides an important cable which can override the system and open the fuel cap door lickety-split.

One user said: “Sometimes your fuel tank cap won’t open. Most technicians will try to force it open with a screwdriver.

“It will only damage your paint. Don’t do that. Do this instead.”

“Open your trunks and reach for the side where your fuel tank is located.

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“You will find a slim wire that is the fuel tank pull ring. Just pull it back slightly and your fuel tank cap will open.”

Another added: “That’s no problem. Just open the boot. Locate this flap inside the boot wall. Open it up, get hold of this cable and now you can refuel your car.”

Experts at Ask The Mechanic also suggested that manually pulling the locking mechanism would solve the issue.

But drivers who were unsure how to release the latch could open the cap with some more accessible options.

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They explained: “Can’t open fuel filler flap, first make sure central locking is working correctly, if ok try applying slight pressure to flap as you unlock the car.”

Specialists at Grimmer Motors claimed that a simple obstruction in the fuel cap door may be enough to solve any jams.

They added: “Inspect the fuel door area for any obstructions that might be preventing it from opening.

“Sometimes dirt, debris, or ice can accumulate around the fuel door, hindering its movement. If you notice any obstructions, carefully remove them and attempt to open the fuel door again.”

They stress most motors have a cable which runs from a fuel door lever to the fuel cap door.

If this becomes loose or breaks it won’t open and will have to be replaced.

A damaged hinge or spring could also be casing the problem which can also only be fixed by experts.

It comes as a motoring expert has revealed a little-known trick which can help slash the amount of fuel used and therefore save you money at the pump.

Drivers across the country are feeling the squeeze with steeply rising fuel costs as the cost of living crisis continues to bite.

Experts at Motor Match though have stepped forward to share their practical, easy-to-implement hacks and tips to help motorists reduce their fuel consumption.

According to the RAC, petrol is up 6p a litre so far this year after a 2p rise in March due to surging oil prices.


With rising prices, tips to maximise your car’s fuel efficiency are becoming important.

The experts say that one effective method is to keep driving in the highest possible gear, while remaining within the speed limit.

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