Climate Group Is Running Ads on Biden Policies in Wisconsin and Michigan

A climate group with ties to Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State is running $1 million of television advertising in Michigan and Wisconsin that aims to highlight President Biden’s record on renewable energy.

The ads, which feature two Democratic governors, Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan and Tony Evers of Wisconsin, are among the most significant third-party ads to be broadcast in presidential battleground states so far this cycle.

The group funding them, Evergreen Collaborative, was founded by staff members of Mr. Inslee’s 2020 presidential campaign. Over the past three years, the group spent about $2.5 million on issue advocacy ads in Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin to promote the Inflation Reduction Act, a Michigan clean energy bill and federal pollution standards.

The new ads are set to begin broadcasting on Tuesday and will run for three weeks in Milwaukee and in the Flint and Grand Rapids television markets in Michigan.

Evergreen’s Michigan ad features Ms. Whitmer playing up Mr. Biden’s record — as well as her own — on investing in renewable energy in the state.

“Make it in Michigan,” Ms. Whitmer says while standing in what she says is a job-training center. “It’s what we’re doing every single day.”

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