Be My Horde launches on June 18th! Watch the new trailer!

Hello, horde!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. Drum roll, please:

Watch the new trailer and brace yourself, as we’re thrilled to announce that BE MY HORDE WILL LAUNCH IN EARLY ACCESS ON JUNE 18TH—just two weeks away!

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We had an amazing time participating in the OTK Games Expo! Collaborating with Asmongold and the team was a thrilling experience. You can imagine our nerves right before the event—it was a huge deal for us. Fortunately, everything came together perfectly, and thousands of players watched our new date reveal trailer during the event!

But now, it’s time to focus on what’s ahead. Be My Horde will be available in just two weeks. So, what can you expect?


The Early Access version will retain the core gameplay from the demo: fight enemies, resurrect them, and expand your horde while trying to survive as long as possible. However, what you’ll get in two weeks will contain not only improved gameplay and highly enhanced visuals but also new features like the HUB and Level Modifiers.

The first one is your own dark and bloody base, which you return to after each death. Before starting a new run, you’ll be able to spend the harvested souls here to raise creepy constructions expanding Moriana’s Dominion. Each one grants you new abilities or enhances existing ones, making you an even more formidable necromancess. We’ll publish a detailed article about this feature in the coming days, so stay tuned!

The mentioned Level Modifiers will allow you to well, modify the level. By spending points gathered from developing special structures, you can add to your run enemies that weren’t available before or special objects to interact with. Like graves (free bodies!), mysterious summoning circles, or urns that provide extra boosts during your run. Follow us on social media or join our Discord server, where we’ll explore each new feature in detail in the coming days.

Long story short, in terms of the features:

💀 ENEMIES AS A RESOURCE: resurrect each fallen enemy!

💀 MASSIVE HORDES: create a dark horde of HUNDREDS of minions!

💀 THERE’S SPACE FOR EVERYONE: encounter a variety of units from weak peasants, aggressive warriors, powerful knights, swift cavalrymen, or… exploding sheep!

💀 EVOLVE: return to your Dominion after each defeat and use the harvested souls to improve your minions and necromancy powers!

💀 SIT AND PLAY: quick and immersive runs. Be My Horde is perfect for quick sessions or longer playthroughs.

💀 PRAISE BE MORIANA!: become a seductive and dangerous lich, Moriana.


Reaching the end of the game and unlocking all upgrades will take several hours, heavily depending on your skill. And this is just the beginning. In the months following the launch, we plan to deliver regular updates with more content—new features, enemies, abilities, and, as our risky company name suggests, polishes to existing elements and features.

We also plan to add more languages. We’re starting with just English, but more will be implemented in the near future. We’ll keep you posted on these updates.

To be honest with you, we probably won’t share a detailed road map right away. While we know this is expected for Early Access, we need to finalize some details internally and also hear YOUR FEEDBACK. Your opinions and reviews will play a huge role in the updates and direction we take. It may sound like a marketing phrase, but you, the players, will truly influence and shape the game with us in the coming months.

At the same time, rest assured, our team still has plenty of ideas and some aces up their sleeves. Upcoming updates will be packed with improvements and content.

That’s all for now. Expect more devlogs and updates about the game in the coming days. Be sure to wishlist Be My Horde so you don’t miss anything, and follow us on social media for more information about the upcoming launch.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them on the Steam forum or on our Discord channel. We’re always here to answer them and chat with you. This adventure is just beginning, so don’t miss out—embark on it with us.

Praise be Moriana!

The Polished Games Team

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