‘Yum yum’ rave Asda shoppers as supermarket offers fish & chips for just £3 in more than of its 160 cafes

ASDA shoppers are going wild as the supermarket giant is offering a fish and chips meal for just £3.

To celebrate National Fish and Chip Day on Thursday, you can get half-price fish, chips, and peas at over 168 Asda cafés.

Asda is offering a great and cheap meal at its cafes


Asda is offering a great and cheap meal at its cafesCredit: Getty
Customers can get a delicious fish and chips meal for just £3


Customers can get a delicious fish and chips meal for just £3

The offer, which is valid until Friday, June 7, includes a plate of freshly battered fish, golden crispy chips, and classic peas for £3.22, a reduction from the typical price of £6.45.

For an extra 65p, customers can also add butter and a bread roll.

Along with the half-price Fish & Chips, the Asda Cafe Kids for £1 meal bargain remains popular, allowing a family of four to enjoy a complete main meal for less than £8.50 this week.

Gemma Rutter, Cafe Buying Manager at Asda, said: “Fish and Chips remains to be the UK’s most beloved traditional dish, so what ‘batter’ way to celebrate this week’s National Fish and Chip Day by offering shoppers the chance to enjoy the meal at half price.


“The deal is available in 168 Asda cafes from Friday, May 31 to Friday, June 7.”

Asda shoppers celebrated the news on Facebook, with one hungry user commenting: “Yum yum.”

Another one, tagging a friend, said: “An upgrade for you.”

A third wrote: “Asda food is always buzzing.”

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Meanwhile, others could only wish they could try the great deal.

One person said: “You’re lucky to have an Asda cafe, [ours] disappeared from our local Asda’s a few years ago.

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A second added: “You’ll be lucky if you find a cafe in Asda’s now.

“Nothing around my area at all. Those that do, enjoy your fishy-chippy meal.”

It comes after ASDA shoppers spotted a “ridiculous” 2p buy which they praised as the “best bargain ever”.

The supermarket giant has slashed the price of the Peter Rabbit 3 Piece Cutlery set – and fans can’t believe their eyes.

The cutlery set, usually sold for £4, is ideal for children and is a popular item over the Easter period.

An eagle-eyed customer spotted the deal and shared it on the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains” with the caption: “Best bargain ever from Asda.”

Many were surprised to see the item at such a low price and one commented: “Right place right time xxx.”

Another Facebook user added: “Items reduced to 2pm aren’t meant to be sold so you’ve got lucky.”

Last month, Asda shoppers went wild for a bargain vacuum cleaner that was reduced from £49 to just £4.90.


After a shopper posted the item on the Facebook group, many commented, tagging their friends and sharing their reactions to the cheap deal.

One person said: “This is the best hoover ever!” Another added: “It’s a beast.”

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