Pirofauna – Little Flame Burn! [Game Reveal from the creator of Papetura]

PIROFAUNA – New Game Reveal

Burn, tiny little Flame, burn…
Light up the misty forest, dispel the darkness…
Let tiny bugs emerge from the nooks and crannies, gazing at your spark.

Pirofauna Teaser 1 – IndieDB

Flame Is Your Friend

In Pirofauna, you are a tiny little flame wandering through a dark misty forest. You can set fire to anything your tail reaches. Light up the darkness, help lost and frightened worms, dispel unfriendly creatures.

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What It Will Be?

Pirofauna will be a small exploration adventure game in which the adorable Flame sets fire to everything it touches.

Such a Flame does not appear in the forest often. Bugs weave tales about him, blurred by the passage of time. When they stumble across him on the road, they treat him as one of the elements, an idol of the forest. Sometimes they fear and avoid him, sometimes they invite him into the village or ask for help.

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