N-Word Spewing White Man Livestreams Himself Before Apparent Shooting Spree in Indiana Grocery Store. Here’s What We Know.

A white man was arrested after live streaming his trip to a local Indianapolis grocery store. Why? Police say he attempted a mass shooting. His first potential victim might’ve been a Black shopper.

Richard K. Klaff Jr., 20, walked into the Georgetown Square Kroger in Fort Wayne, Ind. when he snuck into the bathroom to begin a livestream on Facebook, per FOX 55 Fort Wayne.


In the video, he’s seen walking through the supermarket and occasionally showing off a black and gold handgun. “Let me find someone good real quick. I ain’t going to kill no old ass man.” Klaff says behind the camera. “I’m going out with a bang, n—-.”

That was one of many n-word slurs he spewed throughout the stream. He also mentioned plans to shoot 11 people total.


After passing a number of customers in the store, Klaff says “I see one.” In the video, a Black woman standing by the deli counter comes into frame. Breaths later, six shots were fired. “Bitch n—-!” he shouted before running away.

According to the arrest report, he fled the scene and ran to a nearby Dollar General. Police say he stashed his gun in the store dumpster and ran to a bank next door where he was apprehended by officers.


Read what happened next from The Kansas City Star:

Police investigating the incident recovered six .40 caliber shell casings and found two gunshot holes to the right of where a customer and an employee were standing. Two more gunshot holes were found on the wall above the kitchen door.

He told investigators he “always wanted to kill somebody,” according to court documents. When asked why he chose the people he shot at, he said it was because they were standing with no cover, officials said.


Klaff told detectives he didn’t want to wait until he joined the military to kill someone, per WFFT. Luckily, each one of his alleged shots missed and no one was killed or seriously injured as a result of the tirade.

Klaff is charged with three counts of attempted murder and one count of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been 178 mass shootings in the country thus far.

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