How the Historic Cicada Bloom Is Inspiring Country Music Songwriter Wood Newton’s New Music

Country songwriter Wood Newton has been writing music for decades.

He’s gotten his inspiration for songs from many sources. Church and the music he’s heard on the radio are two sources of inspiration, he told WTVF. 

“I’m old enough to remember hearing Hank Williams Sr. live on Shreveport, Louisiana, station,” he told WTVF.

But most recently, his inspiration comes from nature. 

The historic cicada bloom taking place around the U.S. is music to Newton’s ears.

“I love them!” he told WTVF.

He’s written a new song, which includes the lyrics, “They crawl up from the upper floor of Hades. Even the Devil needs a break. Every 13 years, they assault our ears, and devil with the sounds that they make.”

To give the entire song a listen, “Cicada Serenade” is available on Spotify.

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