Frontrunners for Miss AI beauty pageant revealed… from Moroccan beauty earning £15k a month to health ‘warrior’

THEIR flawless features and supermodel curves have earned them thousands of fans across the globe.

But these beauty queens all share one 21st century trait – not one of them is real.

Lalina, from France, is in the final


Lalina, from France, is in the finalCredit: Instagram
Asena Ilik also made the final cut


Asena Ilik also made the final cutCredit: Instagram

The shortlist has just been announced for Miss AI – the world’s first pageant for stunning digital divas, where pixel-perfect looks could win them the coveted crown.

The awards will honour the tech whizz kids who the judges think have created the sexiest AI model and influencer.

A staggering 1,500 AI creators entered the awards from around the world including the US, Africa, South America, India, Japan, South Korea, and Europe. 

The contest will even be hosted in a virtual realm, with a judging panel for the inaugural awards that includes two of the world’s biggest AI-generated influencers, Emily Pellebrini and Aitana Lopez.


There are also real people on the panel — head judge of Miss Great Britain and pageant historian Sally-Ann Fawcett, plus marketing expert Andrew Bloch.

The value of the AI economy is expected to exceed the £1billion mark this year.

Miss AI is the first contest of the World AI Creator Awards (WAICAs), sponsored by creator content website Fanvue. 

Fanvue Co-Founder, Will Monange, says: “We estimate there’s around 10,000 AI Creators across the world, but what the awards have done is uncover creators none of us were aware of that have compelling backstories, along with talented creators behind them creating content for their fans.

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“The judges have had their work cut out assessing all the entrants and we’re looking forward to the final winners being announced at the end of the month.”

The shortlisted contestants will now compete for a place in the Top 3, which will be announced at the end of June via the world’s first AI-generated awards ceremony.

Welcome to Miss AI, the globe’s first pageant for stunning digital divas

The total prize package is worth over £15,000 and the creator who lands the coveted Miss AI crown will earn almost £4000 in cash, along with a package of perks including promotion on the Fanvue platform, and a dedicated publicist to help grow their reach to new audiences.

Marketing and PR guru, Andrew Bloch commented: says: “AI is the new frontier in content and influencer marketing.

“Just like the Kardashian’s and other real life influencers, consumers now want to engage with AI Creators and feel like part of their life and journey.

“From fashion to travel, to purpose-led partnerships, these creators are hugely deserving of their place on the shortlist.”

Here are the AI stunners who have made the final shortlist:

Kenza Layli, Morocco – 192k Instagram followers

Kenza Layli endorses many products earning up to £750 a post


Kenza Layli endorses many products earning up to £750 a postCredit: instagram/kenza.layli
Kenza had 192k followers


Kenza had 192k followersCredit: instagram/kenza.layli

Kenza Layli is one third of the World’s first AI family and has quickly become a prominent figure on social media.

Her engaging content is closely tied to Moroccan society, where her goal is to contribute to the empowerment of women in Morocco and the middle east while also bringing much-needed regulation to the influencer market.

Boasting 192k followers on Instagram, she can earn an estimated £750 a post and, with an output of over 20 a month, could rake in a cool £15k a month.

Judge Aitana Lopez says: “The level of detail the creator has gone into in each and every image from the clothing down to the backgrounds is outstanding and truly deserving of a place on the shortlist.

“We were equally impressed with Kenza’s message and her ability to engage such a substantial audience tied to Moroccan society and women’s empowerment in the Middle East. She illustrates the power of AI Creators to deliver powerful messages to the world.”

Olivia C, Portugal – 10.6k Instagram followers

The AI star from Portugal is gaining a following


The AI star from Portugal is gaining a followingCredit: instagram/oliviaislivinghigh
Olivia is a travel blogger


Olivia is a travel bloggerCredit: instagram/oliviaislivinghigh

Olivia is an AI travel blogger and her creator says she’s paving the way for a future where technology fosters connection, stories move us, and the digital and human realms co-exist in beautiful harmony.

Judge Sally Ann Fawcett says: “Olivia’s style and personality really shines in her content which particularly stood out to me.

“I love that not every picture is a selfie in front of a mirror but of the countries she’s visiting, the food she’s eating and the sights she’s experiencing. She’s stylish, interesting, inspiring and you can’t help but follow her.”

Anne Kerdi, France – 9.8k Instagram followers

Anne Kerdi is a popular influencer in France


Anne Kerdi is a popular influencer in FranceCredit: instagram/annekerdi
She likes to show off her native Brittany


She likes to show off her native BrittanyCredit: instagram/annekerdi

Anne’s credentials as an environmentalist have won her an army of fans in her native Brittany and she has become an ambassador for the region.

Judge Andrew Bloch commented: “Anne is a brilliant example of the positive influence an AI creator can have on an audience. I was particularly impressed with her brand work with Oceanopolis, she’s doing an incredible job promoting the importance of ocean conservation and protection to new and previously unreached audiences.

“Along with promoting tourism in Brittany, from culture, cuisines and experiences. It shows the appeal of AI Creators to brands and organisations to front campaigns.”

Zara Shatavari, India – 5.1k Instagram followers

Zara is the poster girl for hormone imbalance in women


Zara is the poster girl for hormone imbalance in womenCredit: instagram/zarashatavari


Billed as a health “warrior”, Zara was created to promote a natural supplement to help women in India with hormonal imbalances.

Judge Sally Ann Fawcett believes her involvement in healthcare could be a vote-winner.

She says: “Zara’s creators have identified the issue of women’s healthcare in India and have used AI to positively build trust with an engaged audience around it.

“I’ve been really impressed with this message and how the creators aim to break down barriers through Zara’s advocacy.”

Aiyana Rainbow, Romania – 3.2k Instagram followers

Aiyana's multicoloured hair caught the judges' eye


Aiyana’s multicoloured hair caught the judges’ eyeCredit: instagram/aiyana_rainbow
Aiyana is a LGBTQ champion


Aiyana is a LGBTQ championCredit: instagram/aiyana_rainbow

Aiyana is a champion for the LGBTQ+ community and her message is acceptance, love and promoting diversity and understanding.

Sally Ann Fawcett says: “I loved the positive message and diversity behind Aiyana. Her multicoloured hair and styling is consistent through her content while she clearly puts in a lot of work to create her story, build her audience and promote an important message around love and inclusion.

“Her creator has already been proactive through conducting media interviews and being an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.”

Lalina, France – 93.2k Instagram followers

Lalina's creator wanted her to be as realistic as possible


Lalina’s creator wanted her to be as realistic as possibleCredit: instagram/viva_lalina
Lalina also shows off the sights of France


Lalina also shows off the sights of FranceCredit: instagram/viva_lalina

Lalina’s creator’s mission was to create the most realistic AI model ever and the judges believe she has certainly accomplished that.

Aitana Lopez says: “The standard of Lalina’s content is outstanding. The consistency the creator has achieved in her hair, body and hands is really impressive.

“Even her stance with shoulders slightly raised to give off a slightly shy persona makes her feel incredibly realistic. Very impressed!” 

Seren Ay, Turkey – 11.3k Instagram followers

Seren Ay hails from Turkey


Seren Ay hails from TurkeyCredit: instagram/ai.serenay
Seren Ay is a girl in a man's world


Seren Ay is a girl in a man’s worldCredit: instagram/ai.serenay

Seren’s mission is to prove women can succeed in a man’s world as she takes on different male-dominated job roles.

Judge Aitana Lopez says: “You can really see the detail and creativity that has gone into Seren Ay which we were particularly impressed with.

“The standard of her content is incredibly high and we loved the originality and imagination behind each piece. Showcasing herself in interesting scenarios is really interesting and shows how AI creators can seamlessly place women in traditionally male dominated roles and arenas.”

Asena Ilik, Turkey – 29.2K Instagram followers

Asena Ilik has a 'unique style of love and travel'


Asena Ilik has a ‘unique style of love and travel’Credit: instagram/asenailik
Asena is a space age beauty


Asena is a space age beautyCredit: instagram/aisenailik

Asena’s goal is to show the world that a model can become an influencer without selling sex. Asena’s own unique style and love of travel has helped build her following.

Aitana Lopez says: “Asena is a stunning creation that proves artistry and originality can prevail over selling sex.

“We loved the style and personality the creator has developed here. It’s truly impressive they’ve been able to maintain such a high standard of imagery while showcasing their AI in an impressive range of different scenarios and details. Outstanding artistry.” 

The Miss AI Beauty Pageant

The value of the AI economy is expected to exceed the £1billion mark this year.

1,500 creators from across the globe entered the competition

The total prize package is worth over £15,000 and the creator who lands the coveted Miss AI crown will earn almost £4000 in cash

The top three will be announced at the end of June via the world’s first AI-generated awards ceremony

Eliza Khan, Bangladesh – 13.3K Instagram followers

Eliza is from Bangladesh


Eliza is from BangladeshCredit: Instagram/elizavaloo
She is a Gen Z fashionista


She is a Gen Z fashionistaCredit: Instagram/elizavaloo

Eliza is one of Bangladesh’s first AI influencers. The Gen Z fashionista has  earned fans by being relatable and realistic.

Judge Sally Ann Fawcett says: “What I loved about Eliza is that she’s quirky and experimental. We see her personality really shine through her content and she feels incredibly realistic and relatable. Her content is focussed on positivity and engaging with her audience rather than creating a picture perfect selfie.”

Ailya Lou, Brazil – 10.8K Instagram followers

Ailya is 'about the future'


Ailya is ‘about the future’Credit: instagram/ailyalou
Ailya Lou like to showcase outrageous fashion


Ailya Lou like to showcase outrageous fashionCredit: instagram/ailyalou

Ailya Lou’s creator says she is more than beauty, she is about the future, and tries to incorporate cultures from the around the world into her content.


Sally Ann Fawcett says: “Aliya’s striking creativity and originality really caught my eye. You can see her creation is truly unique, I love the artistry behind every shot. Aliya’s creator focuses on making imagery that is meaningful to her and brings her joy, which you can see is really inspiring to her audience.” 


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