Cam’ron Trolled Anthony Edwards In A Freestyle After Being Shaded In His Adidas Commercial

Cam’ron and Mase’s It Is What It Is podcast has taken its fair share of shots at various athletes over the years, particularly NBA players like Jordan Poole and now, Anthony Edwards. Cam’ron targeted the latter with a few lines in a freestyle over the beat from Black Rob’s hit single “Whoa!” to open the latest episode.

Decked out in a Dallas Mavericks jersey (heh), Cam goes in on the 22-year-old NBA star, rapping, “Go ‘head and grandstand, no style can cramp Cam’s / P**** on a handstand, but f*ck wrong with Ant Man? / Gave him his props, homie got love from me / New commercial, y’all ain’t got love for me? / He shot a jump shot and said, ‘f*ck buddy’ / The receipt reader lookin’ like your f*ck buddy.”

So, what’s got Cam’s knickers in a twist? It seems Ant’s Adidas ad rubbed him the wrong way with its use of one of Cam’s tweets to make a point about Ant proving his haters wrong. The ad includes a printer for Edwards’ “receipts,” which spits out tweets from various celebrities questioning whether the young Minnesota Timberwolves guard is ready to be “the face of the league.”

The tweets are read to Ant by a friend as he takes practice shots, and when he hears that Cam’ron says he’s “an All-Star, but not a superstar yet,” Ant indeed gives a dismissive response and chucks another jumper. The ad’s being celebrated for its simplicity and directness, but clearly, not everybody appreciates Ant’s unfiltered demeanor.

Anyone who’s spent any time around hoopers knows that many of them — especially the best — are crazy petty and take anything less than unadulterated adulation as the saltiest criticism, so his response isn’t exactly surprising. But for the past 25 years, Cam’ron has been an equally petty performer in his own industry, so his response shouldn’t surprise anyone either.

But before anyone goes taking this super serious and demanding guns drawn at dawn, try to remember: it’s all in good fun. Talking sh*t is part of these guys’ livelihoods, so they both know there’s no ill intent. And if/when they see each other at the next All-Star Game, it’ll probably be all love.

You can watch Cam’s freestyle (and his explanation for the clap back) at the top of the episode above.

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