‘It’s a brilliant shop’ gush savvy mums as they bag 38p chicken breasts, free biscuits & 10p Haribos in forgotten store

SAVVY shoppers have hailed a “brilliant” shop after sharing their bargain food hauls – including chicken breasts for 38p and 10p Haribos..

Budget retailer The Company Shop stocks up on items from major supermarkets around the country, slashing prices by as much as 50 per cent.

The Company Shop is often forgotten about because it only has limited stores


The Company Shop is often forgotten about because it only has limited storesCredit: Supplied
Shoppers have shared the best bargains they've found in store


Shoppers have shared the best bargains they’ve found in storeCredit: Facebook/Feed your family for about £20 a week
It's not just groceries up for grabs


It’s not just groceries up for grabsCredit: Facebook/Feed your family for about £20 a week
It's a great chance to stock up the freezer


It’s a great chance to stock up the freezerCredit: Facebook/Feed your family for about £20 a week

Depending on what’s in stock when you visit, you can bag goodies from Asda, M&S and even Waitrose for much cheaper.

Nestle, Walkers and Dairylea are just some of the well-known brands on offer in store.

And there’s even hair and beauty items up for grabs including TRESemme shampoo and Dove bodywash.

But with only 14 stores in the UK – including two in Scotland, Renfrew and Edinburgh – shoppers have previously described it as the hidden gem they never realised existed.

Savvy mum Lorna Cooper, from Paisley, popped into her local branch this week and shared the top bargains she found.

Posting on Feed your family for about £20 a week, a public Facebook group with 675,000 followers, the mum of three said: “I spotted some great bargains in the Company Shop yesterday!

“I resisted buying the chicken as my freezer is almost full already but it took a lot to walk past it.”

Lorna shared snaps of Pains au chocolat on offer for £1, 1.5kg of potatoes for 60p, half price beef roasting joints, and 454g of sausage meat for £2.

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There was also 1kg of chicken legs for 99p, 1kg of chicken thighs for £1.45, 1kg of chicken drumsticks reduced to 57p, and 75p Flora butter.

Shoppers could even nab Heinz salad cream (285g) two for 50p, 1kg of fish fingers for £2.75, and a Harry Potter school bag for £3.45.

I’m a thrifty mum of four & created five meals for under £10 using 28p Aldi buy

Others were quick to share the best bargains that they’ve picked up in store.

One said: “I once got bags of Haribos for 10p each. 1kg of chicken breasts for 38p, bags of 10 mini gingerbread men for free.

“Currently been buying the Costa biscuits nearly £2 each in Costa but 2 for 40p in Company Shop.

“Just been today and got 1kg of chicken wings for 75p.”

Someone else wrote: “Best thing I saw was a huge bag of Whiskas dry food for just £3, my cats are food snobs! Got to be Whiskas lol.”

A third wrote: “I went there and got chicken at weekend, freezer didn’t need it but I can’t leave a bargain and we eat chicken a lot lol.”

And a fourth chimed in: “5 litre tub of ice cream. £1.”

But a fifth sighed: “My nearest one is miles away . Good hour and half away. Wish we had one.”

While a sixth echoed: “Our nearest one is 30 mins drive away. Only been once and definitely planning on going again.”

And it seems some people are still unaware of the shop’s existence, as a baffled social media user asked: “What is a Company Shop? Pretty sure we don’t have one.”

The Company Shop store locations

If you’re looking for your nearest The Company Shop, here’s their 14 branches across the UK:

  • Bradford
  • Corby
  • Darlington
  • Dudley
  • Edinburgh
  • Grimsby
  • Leicester
  • Long Eaton
  • Middleton
  • Renfrew
  • St. Helens
  • Southampton
  • Washington
  • Wentworth (Barnsley)

“I’ve not heard of this, what company is it?” questioned someone else.

“And where do I find it please?”

The Company Shop has a deal with other stores around the UK which means they receive donated surplus food and household products and are able to sell them on for less.

You must be a member in order to shop at the bargain chain – but membership is free for people with certain jobs and it’s also free to apply.


Shoppers working in the NHS, care and emergency services, prisons, the British Armed Forces and registered charities are all eligible.

Those receiving means tested benefits can also apply to use The Company Shop.