‘Don’t walk, RUN’ cry parents clearing shelves of popular toy dolls scanning at B&M tills for just £2

PARENTS are clearing the shelves of popular toy dolls which scan at B&M tills for just £2.

Scottish bargain hunter Evelyn came across the LOL Surprise Tweens dolls at a B&M branch in Musselburgh on the Firth of Forth.

B&M shoppers are 'racing' to pick up a bargain toy for their kids


B&M shoppers are ‘racing’ to pick up a bargain toy for their kidsCredit: Getty
One shopper scooped the LOL Surprise Tweens dolls for just £2 each


One shopper scooped the LOL Surprise Tweens dolls for just £2 eachCredit: Facebook

She said the dolls had a £4.99 price tag – but scanned at the till for just two pounds each.

Her find impressed other members of the Facebook group “Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK”.

One tagged a friend, saying: “Can you get these? Don’t walk, run!”

Similar LOL Surprise Tweens dolls cost £14.99 from both Amazon and Smyth’s Toys Superstores.

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The dolls range between £5.99 and £24.99 on B&M’s website – making the in-store price a true bargain.

Their product listing reads: “Peel away the layers on these enticing collectible dolls to reveal surprise after surprise!

“There are all kinds of amazing treasures locked away inside every L.O.L Surprise toy.

“Stickers, charms, fashion accessories and lots of mystery surprises -which L.O.L Surprise will you get?”

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It comes as shoppers are racing to Boots to buy an “absolute bargain” Jean Paul Gaultier perfume for just £40 – instead of the usual £120.

Bargain hunter Adam came across the Scandal eau de toilette in a clearance sale at a Gloucestershire Boots branch.

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The same 200ml refill bottle of Scandal costs £119 on Jean Paul Gaultier’s website.

Online perfume and cosmetics store All Beauty sells the same product for £89.95.

Boots’s online store charges £112 for a 150ml bottle of the men’s perfume.

What to watch out for when buying toys online

HERE are the British Toy and Hobby Association’s top tips for buying toys online:

  1. Shop early. Don’t leave ourchases to the last minute rush which might leave you fewer options of where to buy from.
  2. Check out third-party sellers. Look for sellers you recognise and trust. Be cautious of retailers you don’t know and do your research checking reviews and where they’re based.
  3. Go for branded toys. Try and choose a branded toy as then you can compare it to the manufacturer’s own website to check it’s legit.
  4. Be careful of going for the cheapest price. If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.
  5. Check if there are any age restrictions. Make sure you give suitable toys to children based on their age.
  6. Check reviews carefully. Some reviews are fake so look carefully at the comments.
  7. Stay with children at first. When your child opens a toy for the first time, stay with them and check for faults, detachable small parts, access to stuffing and loose or accessible batteries or magnets.

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