‘Breaking Bad’ Creator Vince Gilligan Is Back In New Mexico Working On His New Show With Rhea Seehorn

Vince Gilligan has returned to New Mexico to begin working on his new show. The still-untitled Apple TV+ series isn’t set in the Breaking Bad-verse, but it does star one of the Emmy-snubbed leads of Better Call Saul: Rhea Seehorn, who played Kim Wexler. Filming began in Albuquerque on Monday, May 13, according to KOAT.

“I keep returning to the Land of Enchantment for the beautifully cinematic landscape and to continue working with the best crew ever,” Gilligan said. “They’ve been making me look good for seventeen years now, and I figure, why fix it if it ain’t broke?” The project will employ over 1,400 New Mexico residents, including 500 crew members and more than 100 principal actors.

Gilligan has previously teased that the Apple TV+ series has “no crime and no methamphetamine,” and that “the world changes very abruptly in the first episode, and then it is quite different. And the consequences that that reaps hopefully provide drama for many, many episodes after that.” The show also has a “sci-fi element to it.” He added, “It’s going to be fun and different. I have no prediction as to how folks to react to it — whether they’ll love it or hate it, or somewhere in the vast in-between. But I know it’s a story that interests me, and Rhea will be playing a very different character than she played on Saul.”

Vince, you had me at “starring Rhea Seehorn.”

(Via KOAT)

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