Baby Reindeer’s ‘real-life Martha’ Fiona Harvey set to do ANOTHER interview as popular podcast host shares update

THE ‘real-life’ inspiration behind the Baby Reindeer character ‘Martha’ is set to do another interview – after speaking to Piers Morgan.

James English, host of the ‘Anything Goes’ podcast, revealed to his 421,000 Instagram followers that he would “soon” be doing an episode with Fiona Harvey.

Pictured left: Fiona Harvey. Right: 'Martha' from Baby Reindeer


Pictured left: Fiona Harvey. Right: ‘Martha’ from Baby ReindeerCredit: ITV
James English, host of the 'Anything Goes' podcast, says he will speak with Fiona


James English, host of the ‘Anything Goes’ podcast, says he will speak with FionaCredit: Instagram
Richard Gadd, 34, portraying 'Donny Dunn' in Baby Reindeer


Richard Gadd, 34, portraying ‘Donny Dunn’ in Baby ReindeerCredit: Ed Miller/Netflix

The Netflix hit show Baby Reindeer depicts comedian Donny Dunn – played by the show’s writer Richard Gadd, 34 – being stalked by the character Martha Scott, played by Jessica Gunning, 38.

Internet sleuths took just days to pinpoint the “real” inspiration behind the character Martha – legal graduate Fiona.

Speaking to Piers Morgan last week, Fiona admitted she was Baby Reindeer’s Martha, but denied ever hounding the show’s creator Gadd and accused him of “making money out of untrue facts”.

Fiona widely disputed the events depicted in the Netflix mini-series during her bombshell chat with Piers Morgan.


Fiona, 58, denied being a stalker and described Gadd’s account as a “work of fiction” and “hyperbole”.

She also said she is taking legal action against Gadd and Netflix.

Fiona has disputed several key facts presented in the programme, claiming that she has no criminal convictions and has never been to prison, despite ‘Martha’ being jailed in the TV show.

She is now set to speak again on an episode of ‘Anything Goes with James English’, according to an Instagram post by the podcast host.

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James’ YouTube channel, which has clips of him speaking to controversial figures such as Andrew Tate and David Icke, has 624,000 subscribers.

Moment ‘alarm bells went off’ for Piers Morgan during bombshell interview with ‘real Baby Reindeer stalker’ Fiona Harvey

The news comes after a Coventry bar was slammed as a “disgrace” after booking Fiona Harvey for a PA.

And Piers Morgan has said he wants to interview Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd, following his bombshell chat with the “real Martha”.

The Uncensored host appeared on ITV’s Lorraine yesterday morning to discuss his interview with Fiona Harvey.

The ‘real-life Martha’ from hit show Baby Reindeer told Piers she is taking legal action against Richard Gadd and Netflix.

And towards the end of his interview with Lorraine Kelly, Piers called on Richard Gadd to appear on his Uncensored show to provide “evidence” of the events in Baby Reindeer.

Piers added that he feels streaming giant Netflix has “failed” to protect Fiona Harvey’s identity.

Future of Baby Reindeer ‘confirmed’ as fans demand second series of global smash

NETFLIX hit Baby Reindeer is done and dusted, The Sun revealed this week.

Insiders have revealed that writer Richard Gadd, 35, will be moving away from the series, which tells his real-life stalking experience, after completing his press tour across the pond last week.

He and the cast flew to Los Angeles as the real life Martha, Fiona Harvey – portrayed by actress Jessica Gunning, 38, in the series – told her side of the story to Piers Morgan.

But despite fan speculation that Fiona’s side of the story could lead to a second series of the show, it’s been ruled out by those working closely with star Richard.

A source explained: “There are no plans to bring Baby Reindeer back for more, or for Richard to address Fiona’s interview in any follow up.

“He’s shared his story and there’s nothing more to add to what was included in the series already.

“Richard is busy working on new projects – this time not based on his own life.”

The actor has already announced a new project for the BBC, Lions – which will tell the story of two estranged friends who find themselves back together after a chaotic wedding.

Richard said of the show earlier this year: “It’s time to take on a new challenge, I’m well up for it.

“It won’t be autobiographical like the previous eight years on Baby Reindeer have been.”

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