My date was complaining that he couldn’t do much since ‘Dina’ came around – I thought it was another woman, it was worse

A DATE has been cut short after her potential match couldn’t stop talking about “Dina.”

At first, she thought Dina was another woman, but the truth turned out to be even more unsettling.

Mai (pronounced "May") Paasewe dished on a bad date she went on in a now viral TikTok video


Mai (pronounced “May”) Paasewe dished on a bad date she went on in a now viral TikTok videoCredit: Tktok/@theweekly

Mai (pronounced “May”) Paasewe (@thewekly) told the story of the date-gone-wrong in a viral video on TikTok.

“I was flabbergasted,” she said of the outing.

Paasewe said that the date happened a few years ago and the man she was with said he couldn’t do a lot because of “Dina.”

He continued to say that he doesn’t have much free time since “Dina came around.”


After hearing her date go on and on about “Dina,” Paasewe decided to address the elephant in the room.

“Why would you go on a date with me if you’ve got somebody at home?” she said.

On the car ride home, her date couldn’t stop bringing up Dina.

Paasewe flat out told her date to “just go be with her,” causing him to laugh.

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It turned out the man was referring to DNA, only mispronouncing it to sound like “Dina.”

He went on to explain to Paasewe that he received a letter in the mail saying he was a genetic match to a three-year-old child he fathered.

He not only had to pay child support, but he also was obligated to take care of his kid for half of the week.

Paasewe confirmed that she did not want to pursue the relationship any further.

“We did not go on a second date,” she said.

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Several TikTok users weighed in on the date-gone-bad in the comments section.

“That’s the craziest way I’ve heard someone say they got kids,” one wrote.

“I have never heard anyone say Dina as DNA in my life,” another added.

“A coworker said, ‘You need to go check Dana’ because my new born daughter pictures was lighter than my wife and I,” said a third.

“I 100% didn’t get it until I got home. That was the last day I spoke to him.”


“I could’ve never guessed how this would go,” yet another wrote.

“How in the world were you supposed to know that?” one more said. “Oh my God.”

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