Michael Cohen faces questions from defense at Trump trial

Blanche started by saying that Cohen had been following the trial closely, talking about it on TikTok and watching CNN and MSNBC.

“I have watched CNN and MSNBC but not religiously in order to follow the full extent of the trial,” Cohen said.

“And that’s because this trial is important to you,” Blanche replied.

Cohen responded that he’s “interested in seeing what’s happening” but he’s also interested in the protests and Israel.

“Is this trial important to you, Mr. Cohen?” asked Blanche.

“Personally yes,” said Cohen.

Blanche then brought up that, on April 23, Cohen “referred to Trump as a ‘dictator d—–bag.'”

“Sounds like something I said,” replied Cohen.

“You said, he goes right into that little cage which is where he belongs, in a f—ing cage like an animal,” continued Blanche. 

“I recall saying that,” said Cohen. “Sounds correct, yes.”

Blanche also questioned Cohen on whether the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has asked him to stop speaking publicly about the trial.

Cohen paused and said, “They might have, yes.” He then confirmed that prosecutors have repeatedly asked him to stop talking about the case.

Blanche brings up that the DA’s office was frustrated with Cohen because he continued to talk to the press. 

“And you continue to talk to the press today … including about this case?” he asked.

“Yes, that would be correct,” said Cohen.

He acknowledged that prosecutors told him, “it’s probably better off if you don’t speak about” the trial, but said he has a First Amendment right: “I can speak.”