I’m worried about my wife’s dodgy business decision

DEAR DEIDRE: My wife wants to quit her well paid job to go self-employed but her business is hardly established – this is making me feel sick with worry.

She’s 42 and she’s got into upcycling old furniture and selling it on auction sites. She’s got a manager’s job for a well known department store.

I’m 47 and I’m a primary school teacher.  At the moment, we are just keeping our heads above water.

We did have a fish & chip van which we took around festivals and events to bring in extra money but my wife decided to sell it so that she had time to paint old furniture.

We split the proceeds between us. Our financial set up has worked well to date – I pay the mortgage and she pays the bills.

Now her money from the sale of the van has now gone on buying stock and for the rental of a lock-up.

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She wants my share of the money to support some marketing for her business and wants to hand her notice in.

I can’t afford to take on the mortgage and all of the bills without her income.

She’s going to blow all the money from the fish and chip van sale and I’m worried that soon we won’t have enough to pay the mortgage. Am I being unfair saying no?


DEIDRE SAYS:No – you both need to agree on a plan as it affects your home. Spell out to her that you are worried.

If she’s determined to make a go of this business, ask her to consider working evenings and weekends to do up her furniture. Many entrepreneurs work this way.

When she’s got a shop of things to sell and she’s seeing a turnover, would be a good time to review your finances.

Explain you will back her all the way but until she brings in more cash, it’s not viable for her to give up her job. Work out your household budgets using my support pack called Family Finances.

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