Dev Blog 14

This time we want to show you some more development with our game, we will start with the art.

Captura de ecr 2024 05 14 2131

Captura de ecr 2024 05 14 2131 1

Here we have a desk made for the office in our map, this will be in an unlockable area that the player can acess after getting the key.

Captura de ecr 2024 05 10 2022

Here we have the fireplace which will be the center piece for our living room.

Captura de ecr 2024 05 14 2131 2

Some paintings for the map as well.

As you can see we are very close to having all the models for our game we hope to have the whole map assembled by the end of the week. Next time we will share with you the advancements with the programming of the game.

We hope you have enjoyed this post.

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